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     "Making Homeownership a Reality: Survey of Habitat for Humanity
     International Homeowners and Affiliates" is now available from the HUD
     USER website at:

     "Making Homeownership a Reality: Survey of Habitat for Humanity
     International Homeowners and Affiliates" presents information on one
     of the most successful homeownership programs for low income families.
     This study is the first to present systematic information collected
     from Habitat homeowners and their experiences with homeownership.

     Habitat affiliates were successful in making first-time homeowners of
     many families with low incomes.  According to the study, Habitat
     assisted families are predominantly low income and very low-income
     with some families formerly residing in public housing.  Annual
     incomes averaged $24,251 for an average 4.1-person household while the
     median income was $21,480.  The survey showed that approximately 43%
     earned less than 50% of median household income in their respective
     areas.  Another 34% earned between 50% and 80% of the median.

     Habitat affiliates made homeownership affordable by controlling the
     mortgage amount and sales price of the home.  Without
     zero-interest-rate loans and very low purchase prices, few program
     participants would be able to afford home ownership. The units being
     produced through HFHI affiliates are affordable to target buyers as
     defined by HUD program guidelines---the sum of principal, interest,
     taxes and insurance (PITI) for the surveyed households was below 30
     percent of income with a mean ratio of 23.9 percent.  The average
     sales price for a Habitat home was $37,782 and the median sales price
     set by HFHI affiliates is approximately $33,478.

     "Making Homeownership a Reality: Survey of Habitat for Humanity
     International Homeowners is available from HUD USER for $5.00. Orders
     will be held until next week when hardcopies are scheduled to be

     HUD USER also announces the latest issue of FieldWorks.  Articles in
     this issue include:

     * Veteran housing consultant Mary Brooks explains how and why housing
     trust funds work.

     * Miami's Housing Authority learns from its experiment with the
     private management of public housing.

     * Business-supported "Shuttle Bug" service links Chicago workers to
     suburban jobs.

     * Reverse commuting and other transportation issues on the web.

     * Penn models how universities can advance their educational mission
     and serve their communities at the same time.

     * and FW's calendar of events.

     FieldWorks shares practical information on noteworthy programs and
     useful resources on the toughest housing and economic problems. In
     each issue of FieldWorks:

     * People on the front lines of the struggle to renew urban communities
     share their insights about what they do and how they do it.

     * Each article cites in-depth evaluation studies for your follow-up.

     * A calendar informs you of upcoming conferences and training

     * An exclusive "Electronic Resources" column guides you to sites on
     the World Wide Web--covering such cutting-edge topics as microcredit
     programs for low-income entrepreneurs, corporate-community
     involvement, and the emerging financial institutions known as
     community development banks.

     FieldWorks subscriptions are available for $15/year: six bimonthly
     issues.  For more information, contact HUD USER or visit the website

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