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    This is the best I can do for now! Hope this gets the ball rolling 
on the search! I'll try later on this weekend to locate the exact links 
you need!

State Funded SafeFutures program in Seattle will include:

High-Risk Youth and Juvenile Offenders Seattle's Department of Youth 
Services (DYS) is challenged with an increased population and fewer 
resources; yet it must address new problems of racial and ethnic 
disproportionality, younger age at onset of crime, rising recidivism 
rates, increased severity of youth crimes, and increased youth violence 
and gang activity. Programs directed toward at-risk youth and juvenile 
offenders include an expansion of the king County DYS Work Crew, an 
intermediate sanction for juvenile offenders; Sisters in Common 
Support/Education Group and Adolescent Female Gang Prevention  Project, 
a volunteer mentoring program; and Cambodian Girls Group/Community 
Advisor Program, and outreach program focusing on health care for 
refugees and their children, which also employs     local youth as teen 
life/Cambodian culture "consultants" to address problems with gang 
activity and family conflict. 

Enhancing Protective Factors: Opportunities/Role Models Seattle 
currently needs more memtoring, parental education, and mental health 
services to meet its population's needs. Programs that do exist are 
coping with increased demand and decreased funding. In addition, the 
difficulty of providing services has increased due to the diversity of
cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Sister to Sister, an afterschool 
program, provides middle school girls with esteem-building, mentoring, 
and recreational activities. The expansion of mentoring programs will 
target 120 youth. Family strengthening programming will include the 
creation of a resource guide with multiple access points to facilitate 
the location of services and the expansion of ethnically specific parent 
education programs. Mental health services will be strengthened
through the sibling support program, which will provide up to 30 
families of offenders with individual and family counseling, and funding 
support for therapists for Cambodian girls, which will help to address 
mental health issues within families of at-risk girls.

Preventing Delinquency and Promoting Gang-Free Schools and Communities
At present, Seattle Public Schools require additional resources to 
provide indepth case management to at-risk and gang-involved youth, in 
addition to before- and afterschool and summer programs. Through 
SafeFutures, existing programs will receive funding to provide     
recreational and cultural activities for project youth. Seattle Team For 
Youth and the Minority Outreach Program will promote positive attachment 
of youth with their school, family, and peers; reduce contact with gang 
members; and increase decisionmaking and conflict resolution skills. 
Safe Schools will revise current school policies and implement 
strategies to redirect 100 youth who would normally be expelled to 
alternative schools.


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