Re: (off-HPN) Re: homeless bums ought to work - your reply?

Theodore Latham (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 08:44:40 PDT


    I agree with you about moving on to the next person if the one you 
offer to buy a meal for would rather have the cash. As a former addict, 
I was always thankful when someone offered to buy me a meal instead of 
giving me money because I knew ddep down inside that my body always 
needed the nourishment! For every one person that bought me a meal I 
usually ran across 3 or 4 more in a panhandling session that would give 
me cash, and of course I'd turn around and give it to the dope man. 
However, that would have no bearing on the blessing from above the 
people who gave me money would receive for simply having given from 
their hearts, as does the bible commands so! Nuff said!


Tedrico Latham

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Virginia Sellner <> wrote:

>We dont live in a big city or Mayberry here either.  I do agree with 
>thing the person wrote - and that is I do not want to support drug or
>alcohol habits either -- and mostly in Cheyenne when people ask for 
>for food (which, by the way is available 3 times a day or more everyday 
>the week, so you know that chances are they do not want it for food) 
>whoever is approached usually offers to take them to a restaurant and 
>them -- which is fine if they really want food -- if they do not want 
>then they turn it down and go on to the next person.  Here most of the 
>work for food signs are phoney -- just wanting a handout and they do 
>want it, in most cases, for food.  Offer them a job and see what kind 
>excuses they come up with as to why they cannot take it -- We have 
>facilities as does everyone, but we do have food available -- for 
>for those staying around, and shelter if they want it -- In Cheyenne if
>people want a job they can get one -- it might not be much, but it can 
>you off the street if you use your money for food and shelter -- but 
>are plenty of homeless people who are unable to work because of
>disabilities, mental illness, whatever.  Telling them to get a job 
>work either.  I hate to say the following, but in Cheyenne, which is on 
>interstates and 2 main Railroad lines, we see a lot of transients who 
>be transients and without a regular place to stay forever, even with 
the end
>of homelessness -- now lots of people will want to argue with that, but 
>is true nonetheless, and a lot of these people do not want to do 
>but freeload -- they don't go by the old time hobo code or anyother 
>than the world owes them a living.  BUT they are in the minority -- the
>freeloaders that is, and unfortunately they spoil everything for 
>else by giving a bad name to the entire problem. If there had never 
>food stamp abuse there would not need to be a cut back in food stams 
>example.  Those guys who used to travel from state to state doing 
>but collecting stamps for the most part can't do it anymore -- if a few
>people were not abusing the system things would be available for all.  
If a
>few people were not just bing bums then the name bum would not be 
attached o
>homelessness.  I do somewhat agree with the person below because I know 
>if someone wants or needs something in this town they can come by it
>without creating problems with pushy panhandling, using phony reasons 
to get
>things -- the only persons I have actually given money to however, are 
>ones who are honest and ask for money for booze -- the others I won't 
--  so
>I guess I contradicted myself.
>And I might add that for some reason the only place that I really have 
>'handouts' regularly is in Washington DC and don't ask me why I do not 
>-- for some reason I like their approach I guess -- I have never found 
>pushy, and they have always been polite whether I gave them soemthing 
or not.
>Another contradicition?
> Speak only words of truth.
> Speak only of the good qualities of others.
> Be a confidant and carry no tales.
> Dhyani Ywahoo,"Voices of our Ancestors, Cherokee teachings from the 
>Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless
>P. O. Box 1232
>Cheyenne, WY 82003

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