Re: homeless bums ought to work - your reply?

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Dear Tom,

There is no problem here, in these comments.  In fact, when many more people
take the time to look and deal as intelligently with the homeless public
around them to the depth that the writer of this comment has, the problems
will be well along their way to resolution.  The scary people are the ones
who refuse to admit that they are there with you, in the same universe,
world, building, or street, and totally avert.  I applaud the writer as an
empathetic fellow citizen who is not against the homeless, and sees beyond
the outer images into their lives, and takes the time to see how his or her
help can be effective, and when it would be wasted and unreciprocated.

Charles Wilson

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Subject: homeless bums ought to work - your reply?

>How would you reply to someone who wrote what follows to HPN?
>"I do not live in a BIG city, but I dont live in Mayberry either. We have
>our share of homeless people here and I do not like to give them money.
>Why? I'm at the gas station filling my car, some guy comes up and asks
>for spare change, says that he is hungry. Being in a good mood I give
>him some change. When I go to pay for my gas, he's in there buying beer.
>Another time, I'm at McDonalds,same thing."I'm hungry, help me out
>please". All I have is a check, I tell the guy I will buy him something.
>Well, he did'nt want food, he wanted money.
>"I am not supporting anybody's booze or drug habit. Another thing I love
>is the people holding up "will work for food" signs. GET A JOB.
>There are just too many places around here where you can find work doing
>something. Anything. It my not be the best job in the world, but guess
>what? Your doing something. Now, I am not against the homeless, God knows
>it could happen to me, you, anybody, but the people who really do need
>the help are getting screwd by the druggies and just plain lazy."
>Your reply?  Just curious.--Tom
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