(off-HPN) Re: homeless bums ought to work - your reply?

Virginia Sellner (wch@vcn.com)
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 13:29:06 -0600 (MDT)

We dont live in a big city or Mayberry here either.  I do agree with one
thing the person wrote - and that is I do not want to support drug or
alcohol habits either -- and mostly in Cheyenne when people ask for money
for food (which, by the way is available 3 times a day or more everyday of
the week, so you know that chances are they do not want it for food) then
whoever is approached usually offers to take them to a restaurant and feed
them -- which is fine if they really want food -- if they do not want food
then they turn it down and go on to the next person.  Here most of the will
work for food signs are phoney -- just wanting a handout and they do not
want it, in most cases, for food.  Offer them a job and see what kind of
excuses they come up with as to why they cannot take it -- We have limited
facilities as does everyone, but we do have food available -- for travelers,
for those staying around, and shelter if they want it -- In Cheyenne if
people want a job they can get one -- it might not be much, but it can get
you off the street if you use your money for food and shelter -- but there
are plenty of homeless people who are unable to work because of
disabilities, mental illness, whatever.  Telling them to get a job doesnt
work either.  I hate to say the following, but in Cheyenne, which is on 2
interstates and 2 main Railroad lines, we see a lot of transients who will
be transients and without a regular place to stay forever, even with the end
of homelessness -- now lots of people will want to argue with that, but it
is true nonetheless, and a lot of these people do not want to do anything
but freeload -- they don't go by the old time hobo code or anyother code
than the world owes them a living.  BUT they are in the minority -- the
freeloaders that is, and unfortunately they spoil everything for everyone
else by giving a bad name to the entire problem. If there had never been
food stamp abuse there would not need to be a cut back in food stams for
example.  Those guys who used to travel from state to state doing nothing
but collecting stamps for the most part can't do it anymore -- if a few
people were not abusing the system things would be available for all.  If a
few people were not just bing bums then the name bum would not be attached o
homelessness.  I do somewhat agree with the person below because I know that
if someone wants or needs something in this town they can come by it
without creating problems with pushy panhandling, using phony reasons to get
things -- the only persons I have actually given money to however, are the
ones who are honest and ask for money for booze -- the others I won't --  so
I guess I contradicted myself.

And I might add that for some reason the only place that I really have given
'handouts' regularly is in Washington DC and don't ask me why I do not know
-- for some reason I like their approach I guess -- I have never found them
pushy, and they have always been polite whether I gave them soemthing or not.

Another contradicition?

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