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Wed, 8 Apr 1998 13:08:12 -0700 (PDT)

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For care workers of marganalized and homeless people

 This manual is designed to assist support workers of homeless and
 similarly disadvantaged people who find themselves in medically
 challenging situations. Not all the scenarios which occur in the
 homeless field can be covered in such a guide. Our approach has
 been to present material in a practical and grass-roots manner that
 covers many typical real-life scenarios. A section on general
 guidelines for medical treatment is included.

 The authors work in the areas of general practice, psychiatry and
 nursing, and have extensive experience in the homeless field in
 Melbourne, Australia. This revised edition is an expanded text,
 particularly in the directory, psychiatry, and drug and alcohol
 sections. Aboriginal health and homeless youth health are new

 For further details or to order a hard copy,
 CONTACT Dr. Michael Daly at: <Michael.Daly@mdgp.com.au>


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