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6 Apr 1998

The Journal of Poverty:  Innovations on Social, Political and Economic
Inequalities is a refereed journal designed to provide an outlet for
discourse on poverty and inequality.  Poverty means more than the
condition or quality of being poor need indigence lack of means of
subsistence.  It also refers to deficiency in necessary properties or
desirable qualities, or in a specific quality inferiority inadequacy.
The editorial board welcomes manuscripts which sensitize social scientists
and practitioners to the varied forms and patterns of inequalities, new
developments in cultural diversity, and interventions promoting equality
and social justice.  Articles guided by conceptual analyses involving
quantitative and qualitative methods are encouraged.  The intent is to
produce and disseminate information on poverty and social, political, and
economic inequalities and to offer a means by which nontraditional
strategies for change might be considered.  The journal is concerned with
various levels of intervention ranging from direct practice to community
organization to social policy analysis.  Manuscripts should increase
knowledge of oppressive forces, such as racism, sexism, classism, and
homophobia, which contribute to the maintenance of poverty and inequality
and suggest methods of change leading towards their eradication.
Submissions should reflect the mission of the Journal.

The Journal of Poverty is now in its second year of publication and is
published quarterly by Haworth Press, Inc.  Authors should submit four
copies of the manuscript.  Manuscripts should be double spaced.  Please
include an abstract of no more than 100 words.  References and format
should follow APA style.  Manuscripts will be peer reviewed by at least two
consulting editors and returned with comments.  Additional information
about the Journal of Poverty is available on the web:

Manuscripts should be sent to:
The Editors
Journal of Poverty:  Innovations on Social, Political and Economic Inequalities
P. O. Box 3613
Columbus, OH  43210-3613
telephone:  614-292-7181
fax:  614-292-6940

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