Re: Fw: Law Society Underestimates Need

Graeme Bacque (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 21:48:59 -0400 wrote:

> Dear Homeless Peoples Network,
> I have seen more lawyers and judges than homeless persons, "dehumanized by
> society."  I thought the sometimes-ragged homeless had been dehumanized by a
> lack of society, or by an ill-functioning society.  Flower Child

The difference being that unlike homeless persons, judges and lawyers are the
authors of their own public disfavor, more often than not. (They also enjoy a far
greater level of power and privilege.) I mean, isn't it rather mercenary to have
to pay some guy a huge fee in order to win back your freedom for you from some
other guy who's trying to take it away from you? (Definitely *not* my idea of how
to win friends and influence people.) All the homeless folk described in the
article were trying to do was get a hot meal - I wonder how long some of the ppl
attending this event had gone without eating........?

Graeme Bacque
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