Re: Dreams of Housing

Tom Boland (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 17:06:04 -0700 (PDT)

Well said, Charles!  We most need loving family, which is what's drawn me
to Rainbow Gatherings for a decade.  Plus, we need environmentally
sustainable housing that doesn't require gobs of resources and endless work
to rent or own.

May the meek inherit the earth.  The greedy have pillaged her long enough.

Live simply, that others may simply live.--Tom

>....A real house should be the unique interface which serves you in
>relating to
>your inner and outer life, designed and buildable by about one person, their
>family, or friends, not taking a lifetime to pay for, so you have to spend
>your waking hours out of that house and in a bomb factory, a
>plastic-stamping factory, of Fad Fluff Resource Processing, Inc., or
>otherwise working out the plans of the moneyists.
>You can put a homeless person in a house, but you will not resolve the
>homeless problem until community of offered to all persons suffering a lack
>of it.  A lot of homeless people are looking for homes, not housing.  They
>could get housing, but they are holding out.  They are on the streets
>because there are no homes for them.....
>Charles Wilson [Flower Child & Zephyr <>]

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