Dreams of Housing

Flower Child & Zephyr (nternet@c2i2.com)
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 16:44:49 -0700

That's what a dream house is to most homeless, just a dream.  And if you are
housed now, isn't it probably only temporary, rent check to rent check, and
on Babylon's terms?  (Is the term "Babylon" used on HPN?)

A real house should be the unique interface which serves you in relating to
your inner and outer life, designed and buildable by about one person, their
family, or friends, not taking a lifetime to pay for, so you have to spend
your waking hours out of that house and in a bomb factory, a
plastic-stamping factory, of Fad Fluff Resource Processing, Inc., or
otherwise working out the plans of the moneyists.

You can put a homeless person in a house, but you will not resolve the
homeless problem until community of offered to all persons suffering a lack
of it.  A lot of homeless people are looking for homes, not housing.  They
could get housing, but they are holding out.  They are on the streets
because there are no homes for them.

Housing Forecast:  Few homes today, less tomorrow.

Oh, oh, here come the landscrapers!

Charles Wilson