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 It is Lawers and Judges that make up the mainstream world.If they are
dehumanized by what they have created then it is their own fault.
 I would question that they had any humanity in the first place for
creating a society where this kind of poverty and homelessness exsists.


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>I have seen more lawyers and judges than homeless persons,
>"dehumanized by
>society."  I thought the sometimes-ragged homeless had been
>dehumanized by a
>lack of society, or by an ill-functioning society.  Flower Child
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>>April 6, 1998
>> Lawyers' meal for the poor erupts in melee
>>By Leslie Papp
>>Toronto Star Staff Reporter
>>Lawyers and judges serving dinner to the poor ran out of food with
>>200 people still waiting to eat last night, sparking shoving matches
>>the homeless mobbed volunteers from the Law Society of Upper Canada.
>>Enraged people, some travelling from the far edges of the city only
>>go hungry, screamed obscenities at organizers.
>>Others surged forward, trampling the tulip beds outside Osgoode Hall
>>they encircled volunteers who handed out a consolation gift to those
>>barred from the law society's ornate dining hall - $10 vouchers for
>>meals at Swiss Chalet.
>>Soon those were gone, too, leaving many people who had waited in line
>>for more than an hour with nothing.
>>``You guys are pathetic,'' shouted a homeless man on crutches at the
>>edge of the crowd, as law society volunteers, all wearing dark-blue
>>boy caps stylishly backward, announced they had no more to give.
>>``Free food for the select few,'' yelled another man in the crowd.
>>``Don't offer us stuff you can't deliver.''
>>Inside, almost 300 people were fed in the society's book-lined hall -
>>served by about 50 lawyers, judges and other volunteers.
>>Surrounded by stained glass windows, ornate coats of arms carved in
>>walnut, and soaring coffered ceiling, the homeless ate soup, roast
>>and chicken, salad, apple pie and ice cream.
>>But here, too, trouble erupted when an exchange of words between two
>>diners escalated into a brawl.
>>One man was left lying on the oak floor in a corner of the hall,
>>bleeding from his mouth and forehead with a pile of bloody paper
>>heaped around him. Police and an ambulance crew were summoned and he
>>taken to hospital.
>>Organizers were visibly distressed. But the homeless, who face
>>as a matter of course in their everyday lives, took the incident in
>>``It was great - free entertainment,'' one man shouted to police
>>officers while continuing to dine at the table where the fight had
>>The injured man's assailant ran off before police arrived.
>>Outside, after being denied access, David Colbeck, 58, summed up the
>>society's efforts with a quip.
>>``Why are lawyers always practising?'' he said. ``Because they just
>>can't get it right.
>>``They're screwing us around,'' Colbeck added. ``I spent $2 to get
>>on the TTC, and I'll need $2 to get back, and for what?'' Later, one
>>the event's organizers and chair of the dinner, lawyer Nancy
>>tried to put the unexpectedly high turnout in the best possible
>>``We're ecstatic that so many people have honoured us with their
>>attendance,'' she said.
>>The fight and the anger outside were unfortunate, she said: ``Maybe,
>>when we get more experience with this, it will be better.''
>>The aim of the evening was to give the poor a much-needed meal but
>>to put a ``human face'' on the problem of homelessness, letting
>>and lawyers meet a social class they would normally see only during
>>criminal trials, Backhouse said.
>>``This humanizes a group of people very much dehumanized by
>>she said, adding that perhaps the homeless would view judges and
>>in a better light, too.
>>Graeme Bacque
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