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P. Myers (mpwr@u.washington.edu)
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 11:01:54 -0700 (PDT)

sorry if anyone has seen this before...but I'm wondering if anyone has
seen the documentary/movie??

I want to recommend it's showing to our Ed. Students Promoting Diversity
group...maybe offer to the campus at large...or the U community, as well!

If it's a fair representation, and not just another way to make money off

 Pat Myers

"To live dangerously is to live
in the Borderland, where desire,
justice and love meet."
                    Henry Giroux

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Hi - Here's the current schedule for Taylor's Campaign and a brief
description. Please pass the information along.

 --April 19th, noon, Arizona International Film Festival, Tucson
                     The Screening Room-127 East Congress St.
 --May 13th, 8pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts sponsored by Film Arts
                   701 Mission Street, San Francisco 
                   advanced tickets: (415)978-arts  $7/$6 faf,cfa members

                   faf: (415) 552-8760  
 --April 9,16,23  7:45pm Eleventh Street Documentary Salon, Santa Monica
                     921 11th Street -- info and reservations: (310)

Taylor's Campaign:  Description

A Grapes of Wrath for today, an unforgettable world of hardworking people
living in cardboard lean-tos who survive by finding joy and safety
together. When new laws threaten their existence, homeless trucker Ron
Taylor runs for Santa Monica City Council as a voice for tolerance.

Taylor's Campaign premiered at the Denver International Film Festival on
October 26, 1997 and has been screening at festivals around the country. 
It won the Special Jury Award at the Big Muddy Film Festival (3/98) in
Carbondale, Il.

"Excellent documentary...cuts right to the heart of the plight of the
homeless.  It shows us how easily many of us could end up on the streets
ourselves and leaves us aware of a terrible vacuum in creative, morally
imaginative leadership in our self-absorbed society."  
                       Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"The director brings into focus that from which we might otherwise look
         Nicole Campos, LA Weekly

"An excellent job at portraying the nature of community among homeless
people living on the street, and how vital these social ties are when
people are faced with such extremely adverse conditions.  Excellent
         Jennifer Wolch, co-author Malign Neglect
         Prof. Geography, University of Southern California

"Extremely compelling.  This film illustrates several dimensions of
homelessness in contemporary U.S, cities; it documents the everyday lives
and routines of homeless persons, it illustrates the interaction between
homeless persons, businesses, and social control agents (such as the
police), and it provides critique from various perspectives of the ways
that local government responds to the regional issue of homelessness."

           Lois M. Takahashi, researcher and author 
           Assist Prof. Urban and Regional Planning
           University of California, Irvine  

"I just read the essays that my 18 year olds wrote in response to the
film.  Now, keep in mind, I've exposed them to harsh films, all types of
readings with various p.o.v.s and nothing has touched them like Taylor's
Campaign.  The message got through.  They understood the larger
implications for the first time.  I'm thrilled and delighted, and I'll
pass along my class experiences wherever I can. I'm so happy we have a
copy in the library, permanently."
           Marilyn Wenker, Professor
           State University College at Cortland, New York

"Not only did I view it, but I plan to show it in both my Social Problems
class and in my graduate class on Homelessness this fall. I liked the way
you wove together the individual stories with the political situation, a
good way to show the criminalization of homelessness."
            Talmadge Wright, Professor
            Loyola Unviversity

for more information on Taylor's Campaign and other award winning and
acclaimed documentary videos on such topics as involuntary psychiatric
treatment and police accountability contact: richard cohen (310)
395-3549/ rbc23@juno.com

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