Re: protest forced drugging in DC May 2nd FWD

Liberty (
Sun, 05 Apr 1998 11:33:03 -0400


At 11:57 PM 29/03/1998 -0800, Tom Boland wrote:

>May 2 to be National Day of Protest in Washington DC
>St. Louis, Missouri - What started as a conversation among a small group 
>of women on an Internet mailing list has grown into a National Day of Protest
>against the use of FORCE in psychiatric treatment on May 2, 1998 at Freedom

And it will still be a small group of women at the march as well ... Who
the hell can afford to go?  And, among those of us who can, who the 
hell has the time and inclination to bother?

>CMHS staff later reversed this position and listed Madness, an international 
>group of mental health consumers, survivors and ex-patients among the 
>sponsoring organizations.  Madness was quick to learn that being a sponsor 
>did not translate into meaningful involvement in planning the $200,000 event.

Did anybody even think that this can possibly be due to the fact that
Madness is ONLY an Internet list, and does not have any of the legal
status required of an organization?  So, Sylvia Caras, endorses this ...
Whoopie doo!  She is only ONE person.  Of course, there may be five or
six others from Madness that buy into this silliness, but for the most
part ... I find this whole idea to be an insult to my intelligence, and
I AM someone who has been psychiatrized, and do oppose the use of forced
treatment ... I KNOW most c/s/x agree with me, but I am probably one of
the few that are brazen enough to speak up about it ... I have received
numerous e-mails in the past while from many c/s/x that agree with me.

>Even though the protest organizers have a budget of less that $2000, it
>very possible that there will be more people in Freedom Plaza on May 2 in
>support of the protest than there will be "Walking the Walk".

Yeah, right ... people on SSI/SSDI, welfare and so forth, will suddenly 
have the money to travel across the country to go to this shindig... Gimme 
a break! And, even among those c/s/x who are working, how many are going 
to get time off work to do this?

>Ruth Hughes, director of the International Association of Psycho Social
>Rehabilitation Services (IAPSRS), is encouraging people to "be there if you
>want to be part of the March, be there if you want to be part of the Walk,
>just be there."  IAPSRS has taken a firm stand against forced psychiatric

Is IAPSRS, and similar organizations, willing to put up the bucks necessary 
to get people there?  I frankly doubt it.  If there is a crowd of a few
hundred, they will be lucky, the majority of this crowd is likely to be
from the area.  I can't picture 100,000 people traveling by bus, plane, boat
and hitchhiking to go to this thing, which will achieve absolutely nothing
anyways ... forced treatment will still go on as it did before.