Virginia Sellner (wych@tcd.net)
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 11:21:02 -0800

Here is a question for you -- I had a tv station interview me today and ask
what do you forsee as problems with the homeless in Cheyenne this summer.
AND I told them I do not see any problems with the homeless in Cheyenne this
summer.  BECAUSE the homeless ARE NOT A PORBLEM.  Some of the merchants,
media etc. in Cheyenne THINK the homeless are a problem and so THEY the
merchants and media make it a problem when it is not one and does not have
to be one.  IF a person lives in a house and has a mental illness, is low
income, or down on their luck the community does not look at them as tho
THEY are a problem.  But rather they have a problem and maybe they can help.
WHY oh WHY can't they see that they (they being the housed and the
establishment or what ever) make a problem out of something that really
should not be called a problem -- the homeless should just be people with a
problem who need help and how can we help them or better yet how do THEY
want people to help or provide to get them out of the situation?  This issue
is like so many other issues -- I guess it is a problem, but when the media
says what kind of PROBLEMS do you expect? Then people start looking for
problems that are not there and if they see a person with a pack or someone
who isn't dressed up to par (tho' that is hard to find in Wyoming since most
everyone wears jeans and tee shirts everywhere and no one dresses up) then
they think the person is going to be a problem, and of course eventually one
develops, but not becasue the homeless person did anything -- but because
the other person thought they were a problem and responded in a way that the
homeless person perhaps responded back negatively, but if it had been a
positivie thing to begin with no problem would have developed.  Does this
make sense?  What the media had to say made me mad and I hope they know it
--  Virginia