Re: On Poverty and Crime: Oscar Wilde's views [by John Hilty]

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Sat, 04 Apr 1998 14:34:27 -0500


At 08:21 AM 01/04/1998 -0700, Charles Wilson wrote:

>>There is nothing in the U.S. system that stops anybody,
>>rich or poor, from enjoying their right to freedom, life and pursuit of
>>happiness either.
>>The United Nations Declaration means absolutely nothing, particularly when
>>the United States has persistently avoided paying its membership dues.
>I do not agree with you at all.  With these sort of beliefs, I can not give
>much weight to any of your arguments.

Why not?  Because all people like yourself have to counter any of these
arguments is the usual leftist, lets-have-a-demonstration rhetoric.  Get
your head out of the sixties, and start recognizing it is the nineties,
and that radical, marginal tactics no longer work.

Nor does advocating that people break the law.