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Theodore Latham (
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 22:44:07 PST


    I've been asked this question time and time again. The questions 
began pooring in around the end of January so after gving out the same 
responses over & over I was inspired to created a new segment for 
Tedrico's Page entitled "Help for the homeless - Helping the homeless 
involves donations and volunteering by YOU!" which can be accessed at:

The results from creating & uploading such a targeted page lessened the 
frequency of emails I was receiving concerning this question and 
statistically speaking, this particular segment of Tedrico's Page 
happens to me my th most requested page for the entire site!

I delight in reading your postings Anitra. You hit it dead on the nose 
when you said (and I quote), "I talked about the need for community, and 
the importance of relating with live homeless people, one-on-one -- not 
just tossing a check to United Way." If you speak as well as you write, 
then I'm sure your luncheon speech was effective and motivated some one 
in your audience to do something positive for homelessness. Also I 
finally got around to checking out your Effective Activism page, so I 
took the liberty to help you promote it more, by adding a link to that 
page under What's New at Tedrico's Page's:

Keep up the good work and continue to "Write On" :)  NUFF SAID!


Tedrico Latham

Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!

Anitra Freeman <> wrote:

>Subject: Making use of volunteers

>I don't know how many of you have gotten to the point where this is an 
issue; how do you make use of volunteers?
>Actually, the trigger for my bringing up the subject is that twice in
>twenty-four hours I was asked the same question: "I want to donate some 
time and money to helping the homeless; where would my help be the most 
effective?"  One was a young man asking by email; the other was an 
entire conference room of people at a downtown business that had me in 
to give a speech over lunch.
>In both cases I responded that 1) you will be most effective doing 
something that excites and enthuses *you*; 2) some needed assistance 
requires additional training -- don't expect to walk in off the street 
and be greeted with open arms, you will have to make major commitments 
and prove yourself before you are able to actually work with children, 
abused women, several other populations in need; then 3) I listed some 
needs and what individuals can do about them.
>I talked about the need for shelter, of all kinds, and some of the ways 
that community members can work with homeless organizations to open up 
new shelter in abandoned or under-utilized buildings.  I talked about 
the need for community,and the importance of relating with live homeless 
people, one-on-one -- not just tossing a check to United Way.  And I 
talked about the effectiveness of self-managed, grassroots projects over 
bureaucratically-applied "solutions", and urged the folks I talked to to 
send any of their donations to programs that the homeless themselves are 
involved in running.
>Has anyone else fielded such questions?  What response did you give?  
What kind of results came of it?
>Write On!
>-- Anitra
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