Nat Conference on Homelesssness & Welfare Reform: May 29-30 Chi

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Fri, 3 Apr 1998 20:37:37 -0800 (PST)


The National Coalition for the Homeless will sponsor "From Welfare to
Homelessness? Grassroots Documentation of the Impacts of Welfare Reform -
Building A National Advocacy Campaign."

The summit will be held May 29-30, 1998 in Chicago, Illinois, at the Quality
Inn, 1 South Halstead Street. Co-sponsored by the Metro Atlanta Task Force for
the Homeless, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and the Los Angeles
Coalition to End Hunger and Homelessness, this working summit will provide
grassroots organizations, advocates, researchers, and affected individuals and
groups with an opportunity to begin sharing current knowledge as well as
developing assessment tools. Our purpose is to shape what we are learning into
an advocacy agenda. Participants will become aware of what others around the
country are doing to monitor the impact of welfare reform in their communties;
increase knowledge of proven grassroots techniques to assess and document these
impacts on low income and homeless people; develop a common set of tactics and
strategies to communicate what we know to policy makers, the media, and the
general public; and develop an advocacy agenda through the National Coalition
for the Homeless that advocates for changes in welfare policy that are
fundamental to long term family stability.

For more information on content and registration, visit the NCH web site at

For more logistical information, call Steffani Francis at the Chicago Coalition
for the Homeless at 312.435.4548; for content information, call Barbara
at the National Coalition for the Homeless at 202.737.6444, ext. 312, or email

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