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So Others Might Eat, a nonprofit organization that has been serving primarily
single people who are homeless for 28 years in Washington, DC is looking to
create a day center for homeless families.  The center would be open M-F, 8:00
to 4:00, and provide case management, groups, activities for children, and

The center would be located next door to our dining room for women and children
where families could received breakfast and lunch each day, and return to the
day center for activities.

We would be grateful for any information you may have about a model day center
for homeless families.  We are aware of numerous day centers for single women,
but many of our questions conceern the best ways to address the unique issues
experienced by families and effective ways of nurturing homeless children.
Please write or call Linda Plitt Donaldson at:  S.O.M.E., 71 "O" St., NW;
Washington, DC  20001.  202-797-8806 x1014 with any information.  Thank you.

Posted by the National Coalition for the Homeless.  If you email a response,
I'll pass it along to S.O.M.E.   Michael Stoops

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