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Anitra Freeman (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 16:55:31 -0800 (PST)

There will be other publication opportunities, Dorsie, forwarded by Pat or
by me or by Virginia or Tedrico or Tom or Gwen or Rosaphilia or ... this is
a fairly active list, and many of us who are subscribed to other lists
forward items of interest here.

There are some publication opportunities I can tell you about right now.
These are non-paying, except in contributor's copies and publication

Real Change, Seattle's street-newspaper.  You can check it out at

Looking for: poetry; fiction of 800 words or less; articles of 800 words or

StreetWrites is a writing workshop for homeless and low-income writers,
affiliated with Real Change.  We have a website at
I create webpages for each member, or help them to create their own, where
selections of their poetry are published.  We also have frequent public
readings and we are starting to put together our first chapbook.  You can
subscribe to StreetWrites by sending an email to  saying
     subscribe streetwrites

Several people here have webpages where they publish poetry. The Great
Speckled Bird, an online activist magazine, has a poetry page. The Bird URL

You identify yourself as a creative writer; what outlets have you found so far?

Not every opportunity fits everyone.  A shelter for night-workers may not
have room for a man who works during the day, or for a single mother with
children -- not because they are discriminating, but because no one single
shelter can serve every person in need.  Therefore each focuses on one part
of the population in need.  No one single publication can publish all the
creative output of the homeless community.  Choosing to focus on a theme
can make a strong statement.  I look forward to reading all varieties of
theme issues, from women of color to men raising children to teenagers
confronting gender identity issues.  Because I'm on a number of writer's
lists, as well as activist lists and homeless discussion lists, I hear
about a number of such publication opportunities.  About one in five I
qualify for.  That's a pretty good average.

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