Re: SPAMMING the Homeless Peoples Network

P. Myers (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 11:09:34 -0800 (PST)

Sorry if you were offended.  If you're white, you are probably not
eligible for *this call for papers, but I will send others that are more
racially inclusive.  But, by all means, check with the addresses below; I
could be very wrong.

Obviously, I sent because I thought that stories of homelessness by
homeless are excellent topics, and deserve as much public notice as

Not spam.

I also posted because I have been an hpn listmember since it's inception,
and am well aware of the abilities of these group members to have a good,
clear, readable say.  And I thought others might benefit therefrom.

Pat Myers

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Homeless Reader wrote:

> >
> >All contributors must identify as women of color and creative writers
> >(of any genre).  Only submit essays (no poetry or fiction) which should
> >follow these criteria:  2,500 words or less, typed, double spaced, 8 1/2
> >by 11 inch paper, 12 point font, full identifying information including
> >phone number, address and email on the cover sheet.  Please send two
> >copies, one paragraph biography, and letter-size SASE for confirmation
> >of receipt and updates.  If you wish your manuscripts returned, please
> >include second SASE with enough postage.
> >
> >DEADLINE:  June 15, 1998
> >
> >Send inquiries, SASE for book summary, or submissions to:
> >
> >Calderon
> >re:  Anthology
> >1356 East 28th Street
> >Oakland, CA  94606
> >
> >email-
> >
> >
> >This message was brought to you by "Dorsie L. Hathaway"
> ><>.
> >To post, send mail to
> O.K., O.K.  I "think" I am a woman, and my color is "white."  Can I
> "submit"?  I'll bet I'm more "creative" that anyone who cares to negotiate
> the narrow "guidelines" you published!
> Signed: Homeless Reader
> And, if you don't like this, go SPAM yourself!  (Why are you posting to the
> Homeless Peoples Network?)

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in the Borderland, where desire,
justice and love meet."
                    Henry Giroux