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Charles Wilson (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 08:51:01 -0700

Dear Barbara Grier,

You have said a lot and picked out the best threads relating to the reality
of our times and our concerns on this Homeless Peoples Network.  Thank you
so much!
And I, also, think we do need a "Human Revolution," and it just may be timed
with the millenium.  See the following new website:

>Finally got my new website up. Please check it out and send me your
>comments. It has major links to transformational information and
>important world changing networks.

Thanks again, Barbara.  Those of us who are listening, know you are

Charles Wilson

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>HI gang
>I'm sorry I don't have to much time to write these days or read for that
>but I have skimmed the last 60 postings and boy such a lot that I would
>like to add. A few more thoughts  ......I have just sniped a few things
>from that I have read and felt...