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                Here's a song people might want to use e.g.. on
Thursday's demo. Feel free to share it.

                The tune is a hymn: "Praise my Soul the King of Heaven".
Words are by the Brazen Hussies from Palmerston North.

                PRAISE OUR LEADERS

                Praise our leaders in their wisdom
                Sinful mortals such as we
                Unemployed, disabled, homeless
                We the undeserving be
                Please redeem us, please redeem us
                Teach Responsibility.

                Praise them for their wondrous guidance
                Single mothers such as me
                Ignorant of basic hygiene
                Even what to make for tea
                Teach us loving, teach us caring
                Teach Responsibility.

                Praise them for the fine example
                Parent politicians make
                Seldom there for bedtime stories
                PTA or birthday cake
                Call a nanny, call a nanny
                Teach us all the steps to take.

                Praise them for their job creation
                Work for dole and Taskforce Green
                Part time casual seasonal low paid
                Full time jobs are seldom seen.
                Night work, week ends, doing three jobs
                Still can't feed a family.

                Tell us leaders we implore thee
                Where such jobs as yours might be.
                Vote yourselves another pay rise
                Eat your meals at Bellamy's.
                Spend our taxes, spend our taxes!
                May this trickle down on me.

                Praise them for their grace and favour
                To we mortals in distress
                Praise their ever-rightward leaning
                Quick to blame and slow to bless.
                Righteous bastards, righteous bastards!
                Full of sanctimoniousness!*

                * Note: depending on the occasion 'sanctimonousness' can
be replace by 'sanctimonious crap', for additional emphasis.


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