[Hpn] *Alert*: The Veterans Place (Barre, VT) is in Need of Major Donations by April 4th (2008); + related news article

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Forwarded below is information about The Vermont Veterans Place of
 Barre, VT, including urgent funding needs to help draw down a federal
 grant, as well as a news article about such within today's edition of
 the Times Argus. With apologies if you have already come across this
 info and the article already. -- mwb

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 The Veterans Place
 Reducing Our Homeless Veterans Population in Vermont
 One Veteran At A Time

 VISION: To help Homeless Veterans in Vermont by providing previously
 unavailable resources in an all-in-one locale so they may regain their
 PRIDE and reach their full potential. Then replicate The Veterans
 Place around Vermont to eliminate Veterans homelessness.

 MISSION: To provide Homeless Veterans of the armed service and others
 - charitable housing, services, support and safety by giving them a
 hand-up and a chance out of homelessness.

 GOALS: To create the FIRST Veterans Place transitional housing
 facility combined with assistive services within Vermont for Homeless
 To remove 20 homeless Veterans from the homeless population by 2010.

 RULES & RESPONSIBILITIES: All participants are expected to be
 substance abuse free; adhere to written regulations, and voluntarily
 share house related duties. Participants will be charged nominal rent;
 25% returned upon successful completion

 The Veterans' Place, Inc. 40 Washington Street Barre  Vermont 05641
 info@VermontVeteransPlace.org  Phone/Fax: (802) 476-8156

 Vermont's Homeless Veterans Transitional Housing and Services


 Vermont Veterans Place About US page:

 Partners  Committed & Pending

 VA Med Center
 WRJ Dental & Eyeglasses
 State Agencies : V V A, DET, VSHA, AHS
 Veterans Service Organizations Business Associations
 Community NPOs Shelters  statewide
 City Government Congressional Delegation

 Potential Property [Barre City]
 Planet Rock Bldg 129 N. Main Street
 LASH Furniture Bldg 14 N. Main Street
 Project: 12-20 bedrooms, 5-10 staff offices
 Rooms: kitchen, dining, recreational, computer lab,
 gathering & workshop spaces
 Support Area: Voc Rehab & Counseling group/private

 Funding Needs
 Monetary = $ 75,000 -- 3rd Party Donors
 In Kind = $125,000 -- Business
 Grants = $400,000 -- VA GPD
 Combined = $600,000

 Commitment Letters: Must be received
 no later than Wednesday, April 2, 2008


 Vermont Veterans Place News page:


 Veterans' Place Needs Help for HOMELESS VETERANS

 March 21, 2008  Barre City, VT - The Veterans' Place in Barre, VT is
 trying to help Vermont Homeless Veterans by applying for a $600,000
 Veterans Administration transitional housing grant to give homeless
 veterans an opportunity to once again become proud, successful members
 of society.

 $200,000 IMMEDIATE NEED: The Veterans' Place needs to raise $200,000
 in cash and committed pledges  before Friday, April 4th. If the VA
 Grant is awarded, they will provide the additional $400,000.

 In Vermont, there are over 150 homeless veterans on average nightly
 according to current statistics. Because of this need, the Veterans
 Administration has prioritized Vermont to receive grant monies that
 help homeless veterans.

 The Veterans' Place is an IRS recognized non-profit corporation [501c3].

 The HEDDING UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Council has committed seed monies
 of $10,000 to the Veterans' Place. These monies represent five percent
 of the overall need.

 Pastor Ralph Howe of HUMC and a Board member of The Veterans' Place,
 stated, "Over the past six months we have been working with veterans
 and statewide partners on the creation of a transitional housing
 project in Central Vermont for Homeless Veterans. It is with
 tremendous compassion that the HUMC Church Council commits $10,000 in
 hopes of encouraging other Vermont entities to see the need for
 helping Vermont's homeless veterans."

 VISION: To help Homeless Veterans in Vermont by providing previously
 unavailable resources in an all-in-one locale so they may regain their
 PRIDE and reach their full potential; then replicate The Veterans
 Place around Vermont to eliminate Veterans homelessness.

 GOAL: To create the first Veterans' Place transitional housing
 facility combined with assistive services within Vermont for Homeless
 Veterans and remove 20 homeless Veterans from the homeless population
 by 2010.

 INITIAL SERVICES: Housing, Food, Legal, Dental & Eyeglasses, Job
 Seeking, Substance Abuse Counseling, Clothing, Personal, Hygiene.

 PARTNERS: VA Med Center WRJ, various State Agencies, Veterans Service
 Organizations, local Businesses, Homeless Shelters, City Government,
 US Congressional Delegation.

 DONATIONS: Cash  check or pledge, in-kind donations (volunteers,
 labor, materials, etc.), letters of support and letters of commitment
 from businesses, non-profits, and associations.

 FOR MORE INFORMATION or to help, please visit the website 
 www.vermontveteransplace.org ; email: info@vermontveteransplace.org,
 or call (802) 476-8156.

 Kindly send your tax-deductible monetary donations to: The Veterans'
 Place, Inc., 40 Washington St., Barre, VT 05641. Thank you for your

 - - 30 - -

 MEDIA CONTACTS: Jack McDermott, C: 802.249.0582 - Jack@vermontveteransplace.org
 Ralph Howe, P: 802.476.8156 - Ralph@vermontveteransplace.org
 Media liaison: Sandy Combs, P: 802.425.5904 - Sandy@vermontveteransplace.org


 Monday, March 24, 2008
 Times Argus
 [Barre - Montpelier, Vermont]
 Local & Regional News section
 Regional group seeks home for homeless vets

 March 24, 2008

 By Peter Hirschfeld Vermont Press Bureau

 BARRE  They walk side streets and railways during the day, carrying
 their few belongings in a tattered knapsack or old grocery cart.

 At night, they sleep underneath bridges in Montpelier, or on untended
 tracts between the beltline and railroad in Barre.

 The homeless veterans populating central Vermont lay low for the most
 part. Many area residents aren't even aware of the transients in their
 midst. But Patrick Miner, an Army veteran who spent a good deal of
 time in the streets himself, says it's time for the central Vermont
 community to take a better look.

 "The reason society doesn't see it is because society doesn't want to
 see it," says Miner, now living in a modest one-bedroom apartment in
 downtown Barre. "People might notice one of these guys on the street,
 or under a bridge, and think they're just a bum. They're not bums.
 They're human beings that fought for their country and then got
 discarded by society."

 Miner is among a group of area volunteers that formed The Veterans'
 Place, Inc. The nonprofit is working to build a home for some of the
 estimated 30 homeless veterans living in and around Barre and
 Montpelier. They have until April 4 to raise the $200,000 in local
 funding needed to qualify for a $400,000 federal Veterans
 Administration grant.

 "Our objective is to provide them a transitional facility that will
 enable them to get established in life," says Rev. Ralph Howe.

 Howe's Hedding United Methodist Church in Barre has already committed
 $10,000 toward the effort. Many businesses and trade workers in the
 area have pledged services, be it plumbing, drywall or architectural
 drawings, to get the facility up and running if the grant comes

 "We believe that given a safe, trusting environment, where all the
 supports are present, that folks can make a transition into a little
 better life than living on streets," Howe says.

 Veterans comprise about one-quarter of the nation's homeless people,
 according to government statistics. In Vermont, an estimated 150
 veterans of various wars live on the streets, and many fought in
 Vietnam, according to the backers of The Veteran's Place. But Howe
 says the homeless population in central Vermont includes veterans of
 Desert Storm and even the more recent war in Iraq.

 "Many of them are Vietnam veterans at this point, but we are deeply
 concerned that the men and women coming back from the Middle East with
 post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues and will end up in a
 similar place," Howe says.

 Right now, the only place in Vermont designated for homeless veterans
 is an eight-bed home in Rutland, called the Dodge House. Jack
 McDermott spent 30 years in the military and now serves on the state's
 Veterans Advisory Council.

 "There's a gap there and we're trying to fill it," says McDermott, of Moretown.

 McDermott's council lobbied Gov. James Douglas for $200,000 in state
 funds to qualify for the VA grant. The Administration was unable to
 locate the funds in this tight budget year.

 "That put us behind the eight ball, because we need $200,000 in the
 kitty to put this grant in," McDermott says. "We've got to do
 something, whether it's this year or next year. These people come back
 from war, and this is one case where we're not serving them as well as
 they served us."

 Homeless veterans may suffer a number of problems, from mental health
 issues to substance abuse. McDermott says the planned home, to be run
 by veterans for veterans, will offer the primarily male clientele
 access to job training, financial management classes and the mental
 and physical healthcare they need to get their lives on track.

 "It's painful to see men  who have served their country and are so
 emotionally and spiritually damaged by war that they're not able to
 experience the benefits of our society," Howe says. "We see a lot of
 fellas who are wonderful people, whose lives have been permanently
 altered by war, and we would like to help them find some peace and
 rest and joy in life again."

 Howe and his collaborators have identified a number of possible sites
 for the proposed 15-bed veterans home, which will likely be in either
 Barre or Montpelier. The Veterans' Place needs donations of cash and
 services between now and April 4 to make the building a reality.
 Donations are tax deductible, and the cash value of pledged services
 counts toward the $200,000 goal.


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