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Yeh the law does exist for "a reason": to keep
the rich rich and getting richer while the poor
get poorer and more homeless. Ray Botten was
doing civil disobedience for a worthy cause,
that's all. The crime are those who cause
good-hearted people to lay their lives on the
line for these good causes via civil
disobedience. I for one applaud Mr. Botten for
his initiative and courage. Sometimes it is quite
necessary and the right thing to do, to make a
big stink about the types of injustices Mr.
Botten is protesting. BRAVO! ruben botello

--- "William C. Tinker" <wtinker@verizon.net>

> Let's fight homelessness by legal means
> Posted 3 hours ago
> Ray Botten's heart is in the right place. But
> he should reconsider his methods. Earlier this
> week the Owen Sound man shackled himself to a
> banister at the Grey County building. In his
> own words, he used "a 12-foot linked chain,
> three cable lock chains, and a combination
> lock," to do the deed. 
> Botten was asked to leave by county staff and
> refused. Police were called. They too asked him
> to leave. He refused again, saying he would not
> resist, but neither would he comply. 
> In the end, two more police officers were
> called and the four of them carted Botten off
> to a squad car. He was later charged with
> trespassing, the same charge he received just
> before Christmas, when he parked himself in a
> chair in front of city hall in a blinding
> snowstorm, and stayed out there all night. 
> Clearly, Botten is well-intentioned. He
> believes he has a moral obligation to help the
> homeless and he doesn't think the rest of us
> pay enough attention to their plight. He's
> right about that. We don't. Owen Sound
> desperately needs more low-cost housing, and
> more emergency housing. 
> Various groups and agencies are trying to
> address the problem, but progress has been too
> slow. 
> That said, there is progress. Just this week,
> County chief administrative officer Gary Wood
> finalized funding arrangements with the YMCA's
> housing program and with Safe 'n Sound
> Residence, a new non-profit group formed last
> year after the Sally Ann shut down Samaritan
> House. 
> So, there is now a system in place for getting
> help to the homeless in our area. Accredited
> agencies can gain access to provincial money,
> through the county, to pay for emergency
> housing, at a rate of $40.75 a day, per person.
> In future, rather than chain himself to a
> banister, Botten might volunteer to work for
> one of these agencies. No doubt, they could use
> the help. 
> Passive resistance against oppression has a
> long and noble history. But in this case the
> action took place in a thriving local
> democracy, in which well-meaning people, both
> in and out of government, are working hard to
> address the problem. 
> Also, what of the health and safety of the
> police officers who had to carry Botten out of
> the county building? What if he, or they, were
> injured in the process? And what if the four
> officers had been unable to attend to an
> emergency call, because of the time they were
> required to spend with Botten? 
> The law exists for a reason. Before political
> activists of any stripe resort to breaking it,
> they should ensure that every legal avenue has
> been exhausted. That doesn't seem to have
> happened in this case.
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