[Hpn] Open Up Cold Weather Warming Places For All Our Citizens Disabled,Displaced

William C. Tinker wtinker@verizon.net
Thu, 03 Jan 2008 23:00:45 -0500

January 3, 2008

Governor John Lynch,Governors Council and News Media!!

Every since the Vagrancy Law was taken off the NH
books,we advocates  have stressed the need for cooling
places in summer,and warming places in the winter! 

We have been doing our utmost to not see any loss of
human life, and have requested of each Governor in
office and legislature to work out a inexpensive  plan
to  house persons at risk of freezing in there homes
or in alleys or under bridges.

With the price of K-1 at $3.79 a gallon its time we
helped each father, mother, brother,sister and child 
survive the dark to another day?

We taxpayers and homeless advocates believe it is within
your power to open or designate a safe place to be
opened for elderly,disabled,and displaced to be
housed,at at very little low cost.  

How about you open some thing up since we got enough 
snow and bad weather now, to prevent deaths?

Armory and some volunteers  sound like a good place to start?

William Charles Tinker 
New Hampshire Homeless 
Founded 11-28-99
25 Granite Street 
Northfield,N.H. 03276-1640 USA 
Advocates,activists for disabled,displaced human rights.