[Hpn] 11th Annual Homelessness Marathon set to air

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Subject: Homelessness Marathon set to air
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The 11th Annual Homelessness Marathon will begin broadcasting at 7 p.m.,
eastern time, on Wednesday, February 20th.  It will run for 14 hours overnight
until 9 a.m., EST, on Thursday, February 21st.  This e-mail contains
information on how to listen and call-in.  A schedule of the broadcast is also


-  The first three hours of the broadcast will be televised on Free Speech
    Television (FSTV), channel 9415 on the Dish Network.
-  The FSTV video will also be streamed to their web site at
-  A link to the audio for the entire 14 hours will be posted on the
    Marathon's web site at http://www.homelessnessmarathon.org.  There will
    also be a link to a list of the more than 125 over-the-air stations
    that will be carrying all or part of the broadcast.


There are two toll free numbers for the broadcast.

877-NOBODY-8 (877-662-6398) is the general call-in number for anybody,
              housed or homeless.

866-LEFT-OUT (866-533-8688) is a special number to give an extra
              chance for people who are homeless,formerly homeless or
              afraid they're about to be homeless.


The Homelessness Marathon is divided into short (5-minute) prerecorded
segments and longer (53 minute) live segments.  All times are eastern.

The broadcast starts at 7 p.m., EST, on Wednesday, Feb. 20th and ends at 9 a.m.
on Thursday, Feb. 21st.

This schedule will be subject to change right up to the beginning of the

Hour 1 -  SHORT: Welcome from host "Nobody" (live)
(7pm)     LONG:  A panel of homeless Nashvillians.

Hour 2 -  SHORT: Performing A One Night Count
(8pm)     LONG:  Homelessness in Music City - Part 1 - The Civic View.
                 Co-hosts:  George Gruhn, CEO of Gruhn Guitars and Howard
                 Gentry, Chairman, Mayor's Homelessness Commission.

Hour 3 - SHORT: Housing First
(9pm)    LONG:  Homelessness in Music City - Part 2 - The Street
                View.  Co-Hosts:  Father Charlie Strobel, founding director,
                Campus for Human Development, and Clemmie Green Lee of the
                 Nashville Homeless Power Project.

Hour 4 - SHORT: Poetry by Homeless Teens
(10pm)   LONG:  Homeless Nation I - A survey of homelessness in
                 Benton Harbor, Michigan; New Orleans, and Denver

Hour 5 - SHORT: Homeless Vets
(11pm)   LONG:  Homelessness, Crime and Criminalization.  Co-Hosts:
                Matt Leber, organizer, Nashville Homeless Power Project
                 and Tulin Ozdeger, civil rights director, National Law
                 Center on Homelessness and Poverty.

Hour 6 - SHORT: Street Poetry
(mid)    LONG:  "The War and The Poor - Co-Hosts:  Norman Solomon,
                 author of "War Made Easy" and Frances Fox Piven, author
                 of "The War At Home:  The Domestic Cost of Bush's

Hour 7 - SHORT: Addressing Rural Homelessness
(1am)    LONG:  The Fight in Fresno - A live remote from Fresno, CA.

Hour 8 - SHORT: A Homeless Job Program
(2am)   LONG:  The Working Poor.  Guest Host:  Nell Levin,
               coordinator, Tennessee Alliance for Progress.  Co-Hosts:
                William Miles, Nashville Jobs with Justice, Cornell
                Professor of Sociology Thomas Hirschl.

Hour 9 - SHORT: Registering Homeless Voters
(3am)    LONG:  Homeless Nation II: A survey of homelessness in Los
                 Angeles, Ontario, CA; and Santa Cruz, Ca

Hour 10 - SHORT: Generational Homelessness
(4am)     LONG:  International Hour.  Guest Host:  Nell Levin. Co-host:
                 Peter Fredriksson, senior adviser to the Housing Ministry
                  of Finland.

Hour 11 - SHORT:  Homeless Mothers
(5am)     LONG:   Fighting Back - Co-Hosts to be Cheri Honkala, director
                   of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign,
                   Paul Boden, director of the Western Regional Advocacy

Hour 12 - SHORT: Street Poetry
(6am)     LONG:  Health Care and Homelessness.  Co-hosts, John Lozier,
                  Director National Health Care for the Homeless, Dan
                 McMullan, a disabled homeless advocate.

Hour 13 - SHORT: A Profile in Homelessness
(7am)     LONG:  Will the Foreclosure Crisis Drive People to the
                 Streets?  Co-hosts Danilo Pelletiere, research director,
                  National Low Income Housing Coalition and a co-host TBA.

Hour 14 - SHORT: A Homeless Romance
(8am)     LONG:  First:  Where Is The Housing?  Co-Host, Jeremy Rosen,
                  executive director, National Policy and Advocacy
                  Council on Homelessness.  Next: A panel of homeless


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