[Hpn] 11th Annual Homelessness Marathon 14-Hour National Radio & Internet Broadcast Starts on Wed., 2/20th at 7PM ET; + Broadcast Schedule

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WHAT:  11th Annual Homelessness Marathon broadcast
WHERE: Originating from the Campus for Human Development in Nashville
        and broadcast on over 100 radio stations and Free Speech TV
        on the Dish Network.
WHEN:  7 p.m., EST, Wed., Feb. 20th to 9 a.m., EST, Thurs., Feb. 21st.

        The 11TH Annual Homelessness Marathon radio broadcast will
originate from Nashville, Tennessee, starting at 7 p.m., EST, on
Wednesday, February 20th and ending 14 hours later.  The Homelessness
Marathon, the world's leading broadcast focusing on homelessness and
poverty, originates from a different city every year.  Last year's broadcast,
originating from Fresno, CA, aired on over 120 radio
stations coast-to-coast with another 30 or so stations across Canada
carrying a parallel Canadian Homelessness Marathon.
        "This year, we picked Nashville," explains the Homelessness
Marathon's director, Jeremy Weir Alderson, "partly because it is a
city at the crossroads in terms of its treatment of homeless people,
and in this respect, it is like many other cities across the United
        Leading the fight for more humane policies is the Nashville
Homeless Power Project, one of several organizations supporting the
broadcast.  The NHPP is composed of homeless and formerly homeless
people who are organizing for housing and worker's rights.  The
broadcast will originate from the Campus for Human Development, a
single site of services for both emergency and long-term homeless in
Nashville.  The Campus shelters an average of 200 people a night in
area congregations through its Room in the Inn Program, reflecting a
city-wide commitment to helping the poorest of America's poor.
        On the other side of the equation, some in Nashville are
lobbying for harsher treatment, including an anti-panhandling bill
recently passed by the Nashville Metro Council.  Nashville's police
routinely roust homeless people from heating grates and other
makeshift shelters in a perceived crackdown.  And not only does the
city not have enough low-income housing or even shelter beds for
everyone in need, it has no plans to build enough either, thus all
but guaranteeing future conflict.
        "We must never forget that Nashville, like the rest of the
country and especially the South, once embraced the cause of slavery,
and it was the powerful folks, not the powerless ones, who brought
that shame upon the city," Alderson says.  "We're hoping our broadcast
can reach across class and color lines to help tip the balance towards
treating homeless people like citizens instead of criminals, not just
in Nashville but across America.
        The Homelessness Marathon is a non-commercial broadcast that
does not raise funds for charity.  Its mission is to raise consciousness,
and it does this by covering a broad range of topics, speaking with
experts, taking calls from around the country and, above all, by putting
homeless people on the air directly.  This is the only chance most
Americans ever have to hear who homeless people really are and to learn about
the obstacles they really face.
        The Homelessness Marathon's local broadcast host will be
community radio station WRFN.  It will be available free to stations
over the NPR satellite, the Pacifica satellite and a state-of-the-art
webcast.  This will also be the first Homelessness Marathon to be
televised live -- by Free Speech Television, channel 9415 on the DISH Network.
        Additional information about the Homelessness Marathon, can be
found at http://www.homelessnessmarathon.org.

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The Homelessness Marathon is divided into short (5-minute) prerecorded
segments and longer (53 minute) live segments.  All times are eastern.

The broadcast starts at 7 p.m., EST, on Wednesday, Feb. 20th and ends at 9 a.m.
on Thursday, Feb. 21st.

Hour 1 -  SHORT: Welcome from "Nobody" (live)
(7pm)     LONG:  A panel of homeless Nashvillians.

Hour 2 -  SHORT: Performing A One Night Count
(8pm)     LONG:  Homelessness in Music City - Part 1 - The Civic View.
                 Co-hosts:  George Gruhn, CEO of Gruhn Guitars and Howard
                 Gentry, Chairman, Mayor's Homelessness Commission.

Hour 3 - SHORT: Housing First
(9pm)    LONG:  Homelessness in Music City - Part 2 - The Street
                View.  Co-Hosts:  Father Charlie Strobel, founding director,
                Campus for Human Development, and Patricia Bryant, a
                 currently homeless Nashvillian.

Hour 4 - SHORT: Poetry by Homeless Teens
(10pm)   LONG:  National Hour I - A survey of homelessness in three cities
                 in the east and midwest.

Hour 5 - SHORT: Homeless Vets
(11pm)   LONG:  Homelessness, Crime and Criminalization.  Co-Hosts:
                Matt Leber, organizer, Nashville Homeless Power Project
                 and Tulin Ozdeger, civil rights director, National Law
                 Center on Homelessness and Poverty.

Hour 6 - SHORT: Street Poetry
(mid)    LONG:  "The War and The Poor - Co-Hosts:  Norman Solomon,
                 author of "War Made Easy" and Frances Fox Piven, author
                 of "The War At Home:  The Domestic Cost of Bush's

Hour 7 - SHORT: Addressing Rural Homelessness
(1am)    LONG:  The Fight in Fresno - A live remote from Fresno, CA.

Hour 8 - SHORT: A Homeless Job Program
(2am)   LONG:  The Working Poor.  Co-Hosts: William Miles, Nashville
                 Jobs with Justice, Cornell Professor of Sociology
                Thomas Hirschl.

Hour 9 - SHORT: Registering Homeless Voters
(3am)    LONG:  National Hour II: A survey of homelessness in three cities
                 on the West Coast, including Los Angeles.

Hour 10 - SHORT: Generational Homelessness
(4am)     LONG:  International Hour.  Co-host to be Peter Fredriksson,
                  senior adviser to the Housing Ministry of Finland.

Hour 11 - SHORT:  Homeless School Kids
(5am)     LONG:   Fighting Back - Co-Hosts to be Cheri Honkala, director
                   of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign,
                   Paul Boden, director of the Western Regional Advocacy
                   Project and Clemmie Greenlee, this year's "Nashvillian
                   of the Year!"

Hour 12 - SHORT: Street Poetry
(6am)     LONG:  Health Care and Homelessness.  Co-hosts, John Lozier,
                  Director National Health Care for the Homeless, and
                  co-host TBA.

Hour 13 - SHORT: TBA
(7am)     LONG:  Will the Foreclosure Crisis Drive People to the
                 Streets?  Co-hosts Danilo Pelletiere, research director,
                  National Low Income Housing Coalition and a co-host TBA.

Hour 14 - SHORT: TBA
(8am)     LONG:  First:  Where Is The Housing?  Co-Host, Jeremy Rosen,
                  executive director, National Policy and Advocacy
                  Council on Homelessness.  Next:  TBA


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