[Hpn] Re: [homelessness-poverty] Fw: Please Sign Petition!

William C. Tinker wtinker@verizon.net
Wed, 06 Feb 2008 19:39:29 -0500

We need to look at and  see all aspects of bills and petitions and  be able 
to  chose  our selves not be told what to do  or bullied into  signing or 
not signing anything.

I agree on some things you say, but again we need  a wake up call thats 
allowed  to give input  that  stirs the mire and   raises a stench.

Life is not easy no are we likely to end homelessness as we  know it because 
we got too many people  feeding at the trough  and spending all the  real 
money  before homeless are helped!

Take a look at Prez Bushs 2002 plan  He wanted to end homelessness in 10 
Years....hahaha  but read further in his budget you will see he also was 
cutting out 800,000 HUD  low income housing  grants too.

Now we got Philip F. Mangano running around country touting a 10 year 
homeless plan thats doing nothing bur soliciting more funds to  the shelter 
providers in stead of  making affordable housing built  for homeless,and 
only 6-8 cents on each dollar  goes directly towards a homeless persons 
welfare or housing  how in  hell can this end homelessness?.

Oh yes and please take a look at this years budget  Prez Bush is  cutting 
back on all our medicare  health  benefits I am severely  hit with this as I 
am on 12 maintenance medications to live daily and  I have COPD  CHF which 
require RX Brand medications  but if you check Part D  its all gone  generic 
so we must fight to live and get prior authoriztion for medications 
medically needed to live!

William Charles Tinker, Sr.

New Hampshire Homeless
Founded 11-28-99
25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H. 03276-1640 USA
Advocates,activists for disabled,displaced human rights.

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This is a fraudulent and hateful petition. No such bill exists in either the 
House or the Senate. Those of us trying to end poverty and homelessness need 
to learn to cooperate and unite with our Mexican brothers and sisters, 
immigrants or not. Our common enemy is the corporate agenda that created 
NAFTA. NAFTA eliminated jobs in both America and Mexico and caused the 
immigration crisis that has developed since it was passed in 1994.

Native-born and immigrants need to unite, or else we will be consumed by 
competition ending in a race to the bottom. Homelessness and poverty will 
increase. If you think the corporations and politicians telling you to hate 
immigrants are your friends, you are mistaken. This has been going on in 
America for hundreds of years. Either the native-born poor unite with and 
organize immigrants to fight the corporations with us, or else the 
corporations will organize the immigrants to fight against us. The 
immigrants are poor also, that's why they are immigrants. It makes more 
sense, and better reflects Biblical Christian values, to love them as our 
brothers and sisters and work together with them to solve our common 

Sandy Perry
CHAM Deliverance Ministry
San Jose, CA.

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