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Japanese pepple search for jobs in Tokyo

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Internet cafe homeless

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TOKYO (AFP) - Japan on Friday opened a support centre for "Internet cafe
refugees" to help the growing number of cash-strapped young people who
virtually live in all-night Internet lounges.

Japan's economy has been recovering from recession in the 1990s, but critics
say that many of the new jobs for young people are inadequate and are
creating a new class of urban poverty.

The Japanese labour ministry last year estimated some 5,400 people, many
young and working in temporary jobs, had virtually moved in to the all-night
Internet and comic cafes found regularly in major cities like Tokyo.

In the first action to help them, the ministry and the Tokyo government set
up a support centre called Tokyo Challenge Net in the bustling district of

The centre will provide loans of up to 200,000 yen (1,900 dollars) for
living expenses and 400,000 for rent while giving advice on how to save
money and secure a place to live.

Those asking for help will also receive information on medical care and job
seeking, the labour ministry said.

The centre has already received numerous inquiries with its advisors fully
booked with appointments for the next three days, said Tokyo government
welfare official Isao Matsumoto.

"Those who don't have stable living conditions also face difficulties in
securing stable jobs," Matsumoto told AFP. "We want to give a second chance
to as many people as possible

The labour ministry's report on "Internet cafe refugees" shocked Japan,
which has long prided itself on being a 100-percent middle-class nation with
its cities mostly free of the slums seen in much of the world.

The governments of western Osaka and central Aichi prefectures plan to set
up similar support centres next month.

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