[Hpn] College Students Spend Christmas Eve Helping Homeless

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Mon, 24 Dec 2007 19:43:12 -0500


College Students Spend Christmas Eve Helping Homeless

Dec 24, 2007

They say they usually spend their Christmas Eve shopping or watching movies, 
but this time some college students told us they wanted to do something 
different. Nearly a dozen students volunteered to serve a holiday meal at a 
Biloxi soup kitchen.
Dishing out mashed potatoes and slicing up roast at a soup kitchen isn't how 
Abby Able usually spends her Christmas Eve.
"I just wanted to help out on Christmas Eve, I thought it would be cool," 
said Able. "I just like helping people out and it just makes me feel good to 
help other people out."
Able and other MGCCC students who volunteered at Loaves and Fishes are 
members of a student organization called SHAC. Michael Rasmussen is 
"Students Humanitarians For Advancement and Change stands for helping all 
those who need help. If it's right here at Loaves and Fishes serving the 
homeless, or it's the genocide over in Darfur, we come to the aid of any and 
all of whom we can."
Along with serving meals, SHAC has also reached out to the homeless by 
holding fund raisers, clothing drives, and packing gift bags. On Christmas 
Eve, they invited Ole Miss student Rosemary Call to tag along.
"It's nice," said Call. "You have something to talk about later or remember 
when you went there. You want to do it again. So it's good to have somebody 
there with you for support. I think everyone should go together."
The college students say they hope to send a message to other young people 
that they too can do more in their communities.
Call said, "There aren't as many people our age that are helping out. I 
don't think that they don't want to. They don't know where to go or who to 
help really."
"There's not enough force in the helping of people," said Rasmussen. "There 
needs to be a greater force and with us college students pushing that, 
hopefully it will inspire other college students to do the same."
The director of Loaves and Fishes says the members of SHAC are planning a 
concert on the Jefferson Davis campus, March 8th to benefit the soup