[Hpn] An interesting website about near-death experience

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Subject: An interesting website about near-death experience

From: Lynn Pierce yeshua45211@peoplepc.com

I have found an interesting web page at a site called Near-Death Experiences 
& the Afterlife.

The address is:

Please read this and keep an open heart and mind from One who really loves 
the poor and homeless.

This was the testimony of Ned Dougherty from his near death experience and 

His ministry is called Mission of Angels and does a lot to help the poor. 
There is a message from the Archangel Michael to this country. Please read 
it. God is not happy with what we are doing.

The difference is God is all Love and we are not always filled with Love.

Thank you for your emails.

Lynn Pierce
Cincinnati, Ohio
Lynn Pierce

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