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THIS girl's mother is furious. She even wants her arrested.

While her parents were away on holiday, Rachael Bell, 17, hosted a party 
which went wrong.
Now her parents are left with a £20,000($60,000) bill after their daughter, 
advertised a house party on MySpace, a social networking site.

But it was no ordinary, harmless teenage party gone wrong. Instead of a 
public party expecting 30 to 40 people, it was a party that attracted 
hundreds of revellers who badly trashed her parents home.
According to The Telegraph, Rachael's publicly advertised the house party as 
a 'Skins Unofficial Party', a reference to a controversial television series 
that features scenes of a teenage gathering getting out of control.
On her website profile, Rachael promoted her party, calling it a 'let's 
trash the average family-sized house disco party'.
And all this despite her mother warning her not to have 'any kids or drink 
in the house' while her parents were away on a caravan trip.
The house party in Woodstone Village, County Durham, northern England, even 
attracted some from as far away as London, carrying what neighbours 
described as 'a suitcase full of alcohol' and wreaking mayhem in the quiet 
It'll now take at least a month for the family to move back.
Her parents, Alan and ElaineBell, returned home the following day to find 
plastic buckets filled with vomit, cigarette butts littered throughout the 
house, and even MrsBell's wedding dress pulled out from a wardrobe and 
urinated on.
'It's worse than a burglary. I can't believe it... it's like house rape... 
they're just animals, absolute animals,' said MrsBell.
'I keep this house immaculate. Now we're homeless. We can't live here.'
Now, the parents want her arrested for malicious damage.
Mr Bell said Rachael, the eldest of two daughters and two sons, had shown so 
little remorse that she had gone to another party the night after.
But while the teenager is reportedly hiding from her parents, too ashamed to 
face her parents, she has apologised for her behaviour.
Rachael said: I'm really, really sorry about what's happened.
'I totally regret it. It was just supposed to be a party with a few friends 
and it turned into a complete nightmare.
'It was so surreal - it still seems surreal. You just can't imagine anything 
like it happening.'
Yet, the teenager refuses to take the blame.
The home-alone teen claims the MySpace site was hijacked by louts who 
invited all-comers to 'trash the average sized family house'.
Meanwhile, her parents are upset at the lack of police intervention to break 
up the party.
However, a Durham Police spokesman said: 'This was a private house party 
which got out of hand despite the organisers' attempts to control the event.
'Forcibly breaking up the party was not a serious option. It would almost 
certainly have inflamed the situation and led to dozens of revellers 
spilling on to the estate. To suggest we should have done this is completely