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Start now building affordable housing

Mar. 27, 2006

Toronto to take homeless census

The recent announcement by the city to train 600 volunteers to count
thousands of homeless people on the street, "to refine social services, such
as alcohol and drug treatment programs" is unnecessary, redundant, another
city stalling tactic to avoid taking action to help thousands of homeless
people on Toronto's mean streets.

Forget this "census" - ask Cathy Crowe, Michael Shapcott and/ or the Toronto
Disaster Relief Committee because they have credible up-to-date figures
including the alarming number of homeless deaths in Toronto during the last
two years. So far, Ontario coroners have refused to keep track of these

What action can the city take, you ask? How about city council immediately
launching a crash program to build 5,000 units of affordable housing each
year for the next 10 years? There are approximately 75,000 homeless and
underhoused people on the city's waiting lists.

The city has the money, or had the money, to start funding such a program
until city council and the Police Services Board gave millions of dollars to
the Toronto police to buy a few hundred more deadly Tasers (stun guns) and
more helicopters for "crowd control."

We don't need more pathetic excuses and rhetoric from Mayor David Miller,
Premier Dalton McGuinty and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. We need firm
commitments, deadlines, and co-ordinated action - including a national
housing policy - on affordable housing now by these "political leaders."
Let's remember what - if anything - they've done when the next elections are

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