[Hpn] Harmful to the poor

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Thu, 23 Mar 2006 09:56:15 -0500

Harmful to the poor

March 23, 2006

As the result of the new deficit reduction act, many of our elderly will
suffer serious harm. This act requires people with very low income to pay
more for their care. If they cannot, it will allow care to be denied

Increased cost-sharing and premiums will be difficult for people on
Medicaid, particularly those with multiple chronic conditions that require
many prescriptions.

Few oppose closing loopholes that permit some people to improperly qualify
for Medicaid, but this act went far beyond loopholes. With a new look-back
of five years for asset transfer, the act could cause innocent people with
good intentions in giving to churches, hurricane victims and charities - and
even helping a grandchild with college costs - to be penalized by denying
help with nursing home costs when they need it the most.

Under these new rules, some individuals could be forced to sell their homes
or family farms to get needed nursing home or other long-term care. Most
seniors want care in their homes. They should not be forced to sell their
homes to get care. This is not shared sacrifice to reach budgetary savings.

During this year's congressional election campaigns, incumbents will hear
the question loud and clear: "How did you vote on budget matters affecting
our most vulnerable citizens?"

South Sutton NH

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