[Hpn] Disabled, and Homeless Need Help Now Not 10 Years Later

William Charles Tinker wtinker@verizon.net
Wed, 22 Mar 2006 19:27:45 -0500

Is anyone aware that the life span of the chronic homeless street person is
ten years
and when they sought help in 1999 that they would be dead before they were
permanently housed in USA?

Chronically homeless means constantly homeless; it means repeatedly

Chronic homeless need housing now not 10 year promises  that are impossible
to live with.

I have been homeless 5 times, and am here to tell you that no flowery worded
10 year plan will end
homelessness any where, unless we get the payola parasites out of homeless
coalitions, and get a right to know,with proper
accounting  public accessible paper trail of exactly where the recent
Federal Money of 5.2 million is going and being used to end homelessness.

The reason  we should require this accounting is that out of each dollar
only 6-8 cents every actually goes towards helping any homeless person in
USA. Seems like a lot of money being spent on things other than
saving or sheltering human life.

We can no longer tolerate the rampant misuse of federal or state funds to
feather nests or implement further band aid fixes that do nothing to end one
family or a homeless persons
homeless dilemma.

Also it is a little publicized fact that more disabled are  becoming the new
faces of homeless and many emergency help agencies are not equipted to
assist, thus creating dangerous life threatening situations for any
displaced disabled persons requiring help.

Law makers how about putting together a working
homeless task force of advocates and ex homeless to work for really ending
homelessness in USA not just another study committee?

How about a realistic claim to fame first for USA  ending homelessness
instead of just being
first in world to promote war?

In The Homeless Struggle
Bill aka Tink

William Charles Tinker
New Hampshire Homeless / 11-28-99

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