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Announcing the Annual Homelessness Marathon blog:

What & When:

Upcoming 9th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2006) 14-hour national
radio broadcast is being hosted in Atlanta, Georgia beginning on the
evening of February 15th at 7:00 PM [eastern standard time],
continuing until the next morning (Thursday, February 16th) at 9:00 AM

Anyone wanting to learn more about the Homelessness Marathon should
make certain to read the 2006 press release (also forwarded below;
following the excerpted blog post):


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Monday, January 30, 2006
Annual Homelessness Marathon blog
Homelessness Blogathon:

This latest blog project of mine is actually the result of a
suggestion I made last year (2005) to Homelessness Marathon founder
Jeremy Weir Alderson just after the close of the 8th annual national
radio broadcast, when I e-mailed him asking them to consider including
a blog as a component of their Website and broadcast.

Jeremy and I have traded a slew of e-mails on the subject and related
matters since then. A week ago (Monday, January 23, 2006) he e-mailed
me to ask some additional questions and, as part of my response, I
offered to volunteer to set up a test blog so they could get a better
determine both what one might look like and if it was something they
felt inclined going with.

In short order he asked me to do so and, although I told him it could
take me a day or two to get it up depending on my energy level, I
managed to set up a basic blog within a couple of hours or so.

While there has of course been much more for them to consider before
deciding whether to go forward with including a blog, thus far Jeremy
and others with the homelessness marathon have been very interested
and open to learning.

It is exciting to me that there will now be a blog as a component of
the 9th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2006).

The belief I have held for a few years now is that a blog would be an
excellent compliment to the annual 14-hour national radio broadcast
and, that those of us bloggers and blog readers as well as anyone with
online access, can use both this particular blog and blogs we may have
or visit as an additional tool for discussion about the matters raised
during the event.

Maybe we can turn it into a 14-hour homelessness blogathon, possibly
creating some buzz on these matters elsewhere within the blogosphere
and help to educate others to the needs and lives of those of us who
either currently live or formerly have lived homeless in one of its
various forms or another.

Please let us know what you think it so far as well as your
suggestions for this blog. Although we cannot promise to be able to
incorporate each and every concept or suggestion, especially this
initial year of blogging, it would be good to have an idea of what you
believe could be useful.

Thank you for reading.


posted by Morgan W. Brown ...


9th Annual Homelessness Marathon Press Release:

For immediate release


        Jeremy Weir Alderson, director@homelessnessmarathon.org
        Karen D'Andrea, producer@homelessnessmarathon.org
        Anita Law Beaty, anitalawbeaty@aol.com


The 9th Annual Homelessness Marathon is set to air from Atlanta
starting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15th. The Marathon is a
unique 14-hour live broadcast focusing on homelessness and poverty in

The Homelessness Marathon is a consciousness-raising, not a
fund-raising broadcast. There are no on-air solicitations. Instead,
the Marathon presents the voices of experts, takes calls from around
the country and, above all, puts homeless people on the air directly
so America can hear who they really are and learn about the obstacles
they face.

The Homelessness Marathon regularly covers topics other broadcasts
don't touch. For example, six months before Katrina hit, we aired a
segment entitled, "Hurricanes and Homelessness." Some of the tough
questions we'll be raising this year include, "Why is there growing
friction between Katrina survivors and people who are homeless for
other reasons?" and, "Has the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless sold
out the very homeless people it is supposed to protect?" But the
toughest question is also the simplest one, and we ask it every year:
"Why are people sleeping on the streets of the richest country in the
history of the world?"

The Homelessness Marathon has been a very well-received broadcast. The
first Marathon aired on a single small station. Last year's 8th
Marathon was on 95 stations coast-to-coast, with another 30 or so
stations across Canada carrying a parallel Canadian Homelessness

The Homelessness Marathon will be hosted in Atlanta by 100,000 watt
community radio station, WRFG, and by the Metro Atlanta Task Force for
the Homeless. Additional information, including, broadcast schedules
and sound clips from past Marathons, words of praise for the
broadcast, and our growing list of affiliates can be found at the
Marathon's web site:



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distributed without charge or profit to those who have expressed a
prior interest in receiving this type of information for non-profit
research and educational purposes only.**


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