[Hpn] Homeless man stuck on ledge for three days

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Homeless man stuck on ledge for three days

Johannesburg, South Africa

08 August 2006

A man had to be rescued after he was stuck for three days on a ledge in an 
unused building in Auckland Park on Monday, emergency services said.

The homeless man from Limpopo had been trying to hide from robbers and 
climbed up a series of stairs to reservoir tanks previously used to produce 
gas at Egoli Gas company, spokesperson Malcolm Midgley said.

"It's like a maze in there. He must have climbed up the stairs, shimmied 
across beams, found a place where he thought nobody would be able to see 
him, and then he realised he couldn't get down."

A passer-by looking for scrap metal heard the man calling and alerted staff 
at Egoli Gas who called the fire department.

"We used ropes and ladders to get to him and bring him down safely," said 

The man was treated for hypothermia and hypoglycaemia at Helen Joseph 
hospital. -- Sapa 

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