[Hpn] Man Allegedly Raped Homeless Woman

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Thu, 29 Sep 2005 15:59:40 -0400

Posted on Thu, Sep. 29, 2005


Man allegedly raped homeless woman


The Kansas City Star

A man invited a homeless woman who was seven months pregnant to a home for
shelter early Tuesday and then raped her, Jackson County prosecutors alleged
Prosecutors charged Randy W. Cooper, 52, of Kansas City, with forcible rape
and felonious restraint. He was in jail Wednesday night. Bond was set at
Court records gave this account:
The 33-year-old woman told police she was sitting at a bus stop at 31st
Street and Prospect Avenue about 2 a.m. when a man approached and introduced
The man said he was concerned that she was out at night, in the cold, in her
condition. The woman told the man she had nowhere to go, because she was
The man invited her to a home, saying she could have a room of her own. She
thought it was his residence, but it turned out to be a vacant house.
Once inside, the man insisted on sleeping next to the woman even though she
objected. The woman then tried to leave, but the man stopped her and
demanded she have sex with him. When she tried to leave again, the man
grabbed her neck, causing her to gasp for air, and raped her.
After the attack, the woman tried to leave, but the man pulled a phone cord
out of the wall and the woman said she feared he was going to strangle her.
The next morning, when the man went into another room, the woman escaped.
She ran to 31st and Prospect, where she called police. Police took the woman
to a shelter.
Police tracked down Cooper on Tuesday afternoon at his job in the 7300 block
of U.S. 40. He told police he has known the woman for two months and "he
thought he could have sex with her," according to court records. He also
said the woman called him and asked him to meet her at the bus stop.
Police said they were checking the phone records. Cooper has 10 Jackson
County convictions dating back to 1984 for crimes such as manslaughter,
assault and possession of narcotics.

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