William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Tue, 20 Sep 2005 02:12:35 -0400


Thank you I shall send this information you send onto the world, to let
people know what is going on there ,please stay in touch I shall forward
your messages onto  groups concerned about humanitarian efforts.

God Bless And Take Care

In The Struggle


William  Charles Tinker



From: Lynn Magnuson Ljmagnuson@aol.com

Monday September 19, 2005 10:58 PM

Hi Bill;

I'm CURRENTLY in New Orleans, staying with a collective called Common
Ground. They've been doing relief work and running a medical clinic for low
income. We have a hurricane possibly heading our way which of course is
scaring the shit out of everyone in the area. Can't say I blame them after
what Katrina did to this area. The group is a wide variety of people from a
variety of backgrounds, but they've agreed to operate by concensus decision
making and share resources among the members. I will be helping them to set
up an amateur radio station to communicate between the clinic, the people in
the field and the house they call stay at during the night.

What I've seen around here so far is nothing like the press has portrayed,
which is an incredibly dangerous evacuated city full of disease and reeking
mud. The few people I've ran into (other than police, FEMA folks, and
emergency workers, have been locals who stayed or returned and very attached
to their city. One old African American man I spoke with told me about the
evacuations and what had happened in town ... including one particularly
ugly scene where the community of Gretna would not allow evacuees from
downtown New Orleans to cross the bridge into their community and safety.
Many died because of this.

Anyway, I'll share more as I learn more about what is happening around town.

Lynn Magnuson, WB7PTR
New Orleans, Louisiana ... for now :)