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Campus to aid homeless nears completion


Sunday, September 18, 2005

PHOENIX (AP) - A new campus to aid the homeless in downtown Phoenix is 
nearly complete.

The $25 million Human Services Campus will bring together six agencies that 
help the homeless on 11 acres downtown. Backers of the project still have $5 
million of the cost to raise.

The campus, which will be run by businessman Mike McQuaid, will open in 
November. McQuaid, a longtime volunteer with the chronically homeless, has 
agreed to take just $1 a month as his salary.

''I'll be acting much like the general manager of a partnership,'' said 
McQuaid, 60. ''I'll be in charge of overall operation of the campus and 
coordinating, mediating, reconciling the six different entities that will be 
on the campus.''

Until now, homeless people had to go from agency to agency to get the 
different services they needed - a task that was too much for people who 
sometimes suffer mental illness, substance abuse problems or both.

''The big lesson for people who help the chronically homeless has been that 
you need to concentrate your help in one area,'' said Mark Holleran, 
director of the Central Arizona Shelter Services emergency shelter. ''We've 
learned you need to offer a sort of 'one-stop shopping' approach.''

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