[Hpn] KUWAIT GIVES 500 Million Dollars Towards Rebuilding New Orleans

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Sat, 17 Sep 2005 01:03:19 -0400

                  Americans react to Kuwaiti contribution to Katrina victims

                  Americans react to Kuwaiti contribution to Katrina victims

                  WASHINGTON, Sept 16 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Information Office in
Washington received a large number of letters expressing thanks and
appreciation of the American people in response to the article of Kuwaiti
Minister of Information Dr. Anas Al-Rushaid entitled "A Letter of Hope from

                  The New York Times and USA Today had published the
minister's articles, in which he spoke of Kuwait's allocation of 500 million
US dollars in contribution to efforts for facing consequences of Hurricane
Katrina, which devastated large areas of New Orleans last month.

                  The letters came in appreciation of Kuwait's supportive
stance, saying that Kuwait was an ally that does not forget its friends at
times of need.

                  In his article, the minister said that Kuwaitis are well
aware of what it means to be in a crisis and for friend to lend a helping
hand, adding that American values have helped many people rebuild their
countries and that Kuwaitis would never forget how the US helped in
liberating the Gulf state in 1991.

                  He went on to say that Kuwait presented 500 million US
dollars as a contribution to the Americans rebuild the areas destroyed by
the hurricane, noting that this contribution, alongside those made by
friends of American worldwide, would help the area recuperate. In one of the
letters, Peter Wilcox from New York said that the minister's article
reflected how small the world was, adding that his son had served in both
Gulf wars and that although perpetrators of the September 11 attacks came
from the Gulf region, one must be aware that there were Muslims who lend a
helping hand to people stricken by natural disasters.

                  He went on to say that Kuwait, as a Muslim country, is
helping the people of a Christian country; a humanitarian initiative he said
deserved the thanks of American.

                  As for retired officer Thomas Mann, he said that although
the victims of Katrina were homeless and jobless, they were not hopeless so
long as they have friends would offer help without hesitation.

                  He added that the letter of hope published by the American
newspapers were true which compelling him to appreciate the friendship that
ties Kuwait and the US, adding that making such a contribution required much

                  For her part, Judge Beth Wiltmore of Ohio said that the
Kuwaiti minister's article was expressive and encouraging, praying that God
would protect Kuwait so as to allow the two countries to work side by side
for world development and instilling peace.

                  Chris Davis from Jacksonville in Florida said in a letter
that he was touched by the Kuwaiti contribution, adding that it was hard for
him to express how he felt as the words thank you were not enough.

                  He noted that the contribution would not only help in
reconstructing the damaged areas, but also in healing broken American hearts
and boosting relations between the two nations, praying the God bless the
Kuwaiti people. As for Greg Remez, he said that the Kuwaiti contribution
showed him that he was right in supporting the war for the liberation of
Kuwait 15 years ago, thanking Kuwait for its compassion.

                  Meanwhile, Peter MacCain said that the minister's article
showed that there are people in the world care about the American people,
thanking Kuwait and Kuwaitis for giving his people hope.

                  For his part, company director Tony Faul said that the
generous Kuwaiti contribution proves to America and the world that when the
US helps people and spread democracy, the US makes friends that stand by it
in its times of need.

                  Paul Trace said that the article was touching, hoping that
all Americans would review whatever false impressions they have about Islam
and the Arab world.

                  As for Bright Orinson, he said that although he was not a
victim of the hurricane, it was great to see from the Middle East reaching
out to help.

                  Glen Statler thanked Kuwait for its letter of hope,
describing Kuwaitis as strong, friendly and generous, adding that the
minister's article reflected human nature that all people share.

                  Meanwhile, Tim, Kim, Ryan, and Daklin Lacey from Bedford
in New Hampshire, they expressed their appreciation for the Kuwaiti
contribution, saying that it reflected that the world was a small place and
that all people were equal. J.C. Puman said that the article noted that
friends help friends, saying that this accurately describes the human values
and relations that must be spread throughout the world, thus overcoming
conflict over religion, politics and economy.

                  As for Mathew Devron from Fort Myers in Florida, he took
the opportunity to thank Kuwait and its people for their contribution, that
would help hundreds of thousands of Americans resume their normal lives.

                  Fred and Gwen Feldmyser asked in their letter that the
Kuwaiti minister deliver their heartfelt thanks to the Kuwaiti people,
saying that destruction caused by Katrina would be overcome thanks to the
friends of America.

                  Furthermore, John Tucker said that it was an overwhelming
feeling to know that American has loyal and good friends that stand ready to
help it in its time of need.

                  Randy Baker said that it may seem at times that Americans
are alone in their quest for helping others, but that on this day it was
time for Americans to thank the people of Kuwait.

                  Ross Johnson thanked the minister for the compassionate
article which he said brought hope to the world, praying for Kuwait's
prosperity and peace.

                  As for Robert Monetro, he said on behalf of all American
families that the generous contribution brought the American and Kuwaiti
people closer together.

                  Finally, Robert Sears said that Kuwait's generosity
touched him deeply although he is a Canadian national, hoping that the
Kuwaiti minister's article would encourage other people to make contribution
to help the victims of the hurricane. (end) rg.