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Facility assists homeless vets

Sept. 10, 2005

Victory Place is a 67-bed facility in Phoenix available for homeless 
veterans. Along with the Carl T. Hayden Veterans Affairs Hospital, it 
provides many services to homeless veterans such as outreach and assessment, 
residential and non-residential employment services, long-term transitional 
housing and sobriety support groups.

The veterans are provided meals by the hospital and also receive counseling 
services at the hospital but live at Victory Place.

In two years, more than 2,000 homeless veterans have been served through 
street and shelter outreach nationally. More than 800 homeless veterans were 
located that have never used VA benefits, and more than 400 have benefited 
from career, employment and housing services.

Twenty-seven Americorps Programs volunteers have performed more than 1,700 
hours of community service to homeless vets. This is a national program that 
also has locations in California, Texas, Nevada and Hawaii, and one of the 
national board members is former Hill Street Blues star Dennis Franz.

If you would like to help at the Phoenix location, or if you are a veteran 
or know of a veteran who needs assistance, call (602) 305-8585 or (602) 
757-9723, or e-mail outreach@ phx.usvetsinc.org.

On Friday the Carl T. Hayden Veterans Affairs Hospital will remember our 
prisoners of war and former POWs with a ceremony at 9:30 a.m. in the VA 
Chapel. Everyone is welcome. The hospital is at 650 E. Indian School Road, 

The Army Combat-Related Special Compensation Division has announced that $1 
billion has been awarded to retirees with disabilities across all military 
uniformed service. This $22 billion program provides tax-free monthly 
payments to injured retirees.

CRSC payments are retroactive and supplement a retiree's Veteran Affairs 
disability pay and service retired pay. There is still $21 billion available 
to distribute, so if you believe you're eligible, submit your claim.

For more information or to receive a claim form, call CRSC toll free at 
1-866-281-3254 Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m., Arizona time. 
Retirees can submit a claim online or download a form at www.crsc.army.mil.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention will be held in Phoenix 
from Sept. 25 -Oct. 1. About 75 people from around the country are expected 
to participate.

There will be a picnic from 5-8 p.m. Sept. 28 at Steele Indian School Park 
with plenty of food available and a chance to meet these heroes. The park is 
at Indian School Road and Third Street, next to Carl T. Hayden VA Medical 

A minimum donation of $5 is requested in advance to Veterans First Limited, 
8433 N. Black Canyon Highway, #100, Phoenix, AZ 85021. You will receive a 
ticket in advance. This will help the committee plan for enough food.

Servicemen's Group Life Insurance coverage increased from $250,000 to 
$400,000 this month. Anyone in service on Sept. 1, will have coverage 
increased to $400,000 even if he or she previously declined or elected 
lesser coverage.

The Arizona Veterans Home accepts donations to refurnish rooms in honor or 
in memory of a loved one. Plaques are placed when the rooms are dedicated. 
For information, e-mail me at artgbeard@aol.com.

Retired Master Chief Petty Officer Art Sloane, U.S. Coast Guard, can be 
reached at (480) 802-6810 or artgbeard@aol.com.