[Hpn] What happened to the promise of bringing USA freedom and democracy?

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Thu, 8 Sep 2005 02:47:02 -0400

            Published: Wednesday, September 07, 2005


            Bylined to: Mary MacElveen

            What happened to the promise of bringing USA freedom and

            VHeadline.com commentarist Mary MacElveen writes: As the United
States struggles with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where images have
been broadcast into our homes by all of the major cable channels, a world
away another crisis continues ... the "Bush War" in Iraq.

            We have just heard that in order to rebuild New Orleans some
numbers are being thrown around. The president is looking for US$50 billion
more and congress is asking for an emergency aid package where the price tag
will go over $100 billion.

            The 'news' did not say whether or not that included Mississippi
and Alabama.

              a.. Let us not forget the price tag of the "Bush War" where
estimates so far have it costing the American taxpayer $300 billion ... and
with no end in sight.
            As it stands, the water that is now being pumped out of New
Orleans is being dumped into Lake Pontchartrain ... it's a toxic mix of oil,
fecal matter and bacteria. Health officials have warned those exposed to
this water to be up-to-date with immunizations and to get tetanus shots.
They are finding E-Coli bacteria in the water and as we all know, it can

            This is what incompetence brings about!

            The effects will be felt for years to come and all of this could
have been avoided by fixing those levees in the first place.

            It also could also have been avoided had Al Gore been allowed to
take his rightful place in history. Many on the right poked fun at him for
his stance on the environment ... and some still do. For them in their
present dilemma, there is absolutely no fun where damage to the environment
has been done ... there is nothing funny about walking through feces-laden
water to rescue people.

              a.. While the end is no where in sight, and as our esteemed
public officials look to rebuild New Orleans, Mississippi and parts of
Alabama, a unilateral war rages on in Iraq ... also with no end in sight.
            As everyone fears, the rising death toll here in America is due
to gross incompetence ... on August 31, more than 700 Iraqi Shi'ites died in
a stampede in Baghdad and an official there said the death toll was expected
to reach 1,000.

            As the water drains in New Orleans, we must all brace ourselves
for the body count, but let us remember that half a world away death is an
everyday occurrence where innocent lives are lost due the lies told by this
president of the United States of America.

            There seems to be an aura of death that surrounds George W. Bush
and if there were a slogan to hang on him, it would be: "Death becomes him"
... yet I thought he was 'pro-life.'

            So, what is life like in Iraq now?

            Well, Al Qaeda has become an increasing presence. According to
"Insurgents Seize Key Town in Iraq: Al Qaeda in Iraq's Black Banner Flying
from Rooftops" they have seized Qaim, close to the Syrian border.  A banner
states "Islamic kingdom liberated from the occupation."

            What angers me is one sentence: "On Sunday, the bullet-riddled
body of a woman lay in a street of Qaim. A sign left on her corpse declared
'A prostitute who was punished.'"

            What happened to the promise of bringing freedom and democracy?
If anything we are doing the reverse.

              a.. While Halliburton profits from Iraq, it will also profit
from Katrina ... the US government is paying them (Halliburton) $500 million
to clean up after Katrina.

              b.. While Halliburton profits in this "Bush War," Al Qaeda is
gaining some control ... didn't we enter this war on the premise of
defeating this terrorist group?
            You would think that a superpower such as the United States
would have obliterated them by now.

              a.. Oh, I am sorry for using logical thinking there where we
have an idiot running the government.
            Meanwhile while our government locks up drug users in the
millions and our fight in the war on drugs is pitiful ... I also see that
the heroin trade is thriving in Iraq. As I was reading "Heroin Trade Thrives
on Back of Chaos and Terror in Iraq," we just spent $300 billion to promote
the drug trade in that country. Contained within this article, it
immediately caught my attention that "It has also landed Iraqis with the
problem of drug addiction to add to their existing woes of car bombs,
kidnappings and a lack of jobs."

              a.. We might not have a rash of car bombs going off in this
country ... but we do have kidnappings, drug addiction and yes, a lack of
            When we stated we wanted to bring Iraqis democracy, we also
brought along some of the same problems we face here in the United States.
One item that I can commiserate with the Iraqi citizens is that many here in
the US are also feeling woeful. Iraqi citizens need to ask themselves if
they are sure that this model of democracy in the United States is the model
they wish to live under for the foreseeable future ... and with no end in

            While some in our country clamor to bring our troops home to
protect the home front after Katrina's devastating blow, the Pentagon has
other plans. According to "US Repeats UK Failure in Iraq" this is what your
tax money will be doing ... "the Pentagon is busy building four major,
permanent air bases in Iraq that will require heavy infantry protection."

            So ... as many became homeless, and a whole region in the United
States needs to be rebuilt, life goes on building bases in Iraq. As folks
waited almost a week for help, it boggles the mind that we will be
protecting bases so heavily in a country that we invaded illegally.

            The following passage which affirms that there will be no end in
sight in Iraq states "the mess in Iraq continues to worsen. Last week's
so-called 'constitutional deal' was the long-predicted, US-crafted pact
between Shias and Kurds, essentially giving them Iraq's oil and virtual
independence. The proposed constitution assures American big business access
to Iraq's oil riches and markets."

            In light of Katrina, how about giving them independence now?

            But, wait, hold your horses, did I just read where we will give
them Iraq's oil? It was not ours to begin with. Oh, I am sorry, I am letting
my logical thinking get in the way again.

              a.. I don't know about you ... but this has been one of the
longest years so far ... and it isn't over.
            We have all just witnessed what gross incompetence brought us by
not fixing those levees that could have prevented the destruction of an
entire city and where the ramifications will be felt for years to come. But,
on top of that, we are bogged down in Iraq and I am of the opinion that
there is no end in sight.

            I bet you anything that the countries who did not aid us
invading Iraq are feeling pretty good right now ... and that is because they
did not have to shell out any of their money at the expense of their people
... they were using their funds on their domestic spending and thinking
long-term should a devastating storm hit them like Katrina.

              a.. As the bills comes due to repair the devastated region of
the United States, where the sheer numbers of paying for it all sinks in ...
plus paying for the Bush W in Iraq ... it is not going to be America's
wealthy that need worry.
            As it stands right now, life is pretty good for them ... and
there is no end in sight!

            Mary MacElveen