[Hpn] A First Responder Report From Louisiana

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Tue, 6 Sep 2005 16:52:40 -0400

A First Responder's Report from Louisiana

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The following contains, to say the least, some pretty rough inflammatory 
language ....

Three days of hell was what it was. Temps in the high 90's with high 
humidity. All great intentions where immediately meet with hostility. First 
day traveling from Baton Rouge to Gulf Port was hard. We where stopped 
numerous times by people blocking the road and demanding to be brought out 
of the area. Or asking for food or water. A few rocks where thrown at the 
convoy in certain areas. The sound of rocks hitting the van just made my dog 
pissed and the people inside uneasy.

The dead where ramped the people just trying to get to dry areas sat like 
rats after a storm drain flood on anything they could keep dry on. The roads 
where real bad and we had to boat it then get picked up by others. What made 
this an unattainable task was COMMUNICATION. Getting in touch with others 
without satellite phones where impossible. Seen so much looting that you 
didn't even take notice after a while. Even if you wanted to you could do 
nothing about it. There where that many looters. We came across an apartment 
building for assisted living adults that had a fire on the upper floors and 
had to evacuate them. We then had no way of transporting those people. Had 
to leave them there on the street. Night fall came and the constant shoots 
where heard. Some far away Some close. Bravous is trained to turn on to gun 
fire so it was a sleepless night. We slept outside the trucks to protect 
ourselves from anything that may have come out of the darkness.

My team was made out of three suburbans, and two 12 pass. vans. We had three 
sheriffs with small arms and one M-16 for protection. This was not enough 
for what the nigh had. Fires where seen all over the area at night. Sunrise 
could not come to early for us. we reported the going ons back to IC and was 
told it was all isolated incidents. Yeah right. We where in the field they 
where back in a nice safe area.

Day two we got into gulf port and the devastation was beyond belief we 
assisted helio evacs of people and tried to assist any trapped people we 
came across. I came across an old white man in a second floor room in a 
house that had diabetes. He was bed ridden. He flipped a little when Bravous 
went into room when we where checking the house. He threw his bed pan filled 
with piss at Bravous. Great now I poured my water ration on him and cleaned 
him with some saline solution. I had to carry the guy down the stairs. He 
had shit in his pajamas. He cried when they cleaned him up and thanks us and 
apologized for getting scared when he seen Bravous. He said he though 
Bravous was a wild dog and came to feed on him. The Coast Guard fly boys 
picked him up.

We continued on checking debris and houses for trapped people. All the time 
people asking us for supplies. information we had no answers to. Everyone 
wanting help. But help they could do themselves. We where there for the ones 
that can't help themselves. The trapped, sick, or medical attention people. 
The people that had no physical problems where told to make it out and head 
north where trucks with supplies could not get in do the flooding. Got back 
to the trucks just before sunset. AND FOUND MY PERSONAL DOG BAG MISSING. 
Bitches stole Bravous' supplies and his my personal shit. Lost $1400 bucks 
in that bag INCLUDING MY CAMERA. Now I have a problem no food for the dog. 
His water supply his hygiene and medical supplies are gone. This pissed me 
the fuck off and started looking at these people in a whole new light.

That night we had more of the same shit. People coming out of the darkness 
looking for food and water. I was giving Bravous my food and water so I had 
nothing to offer. One fucking prick saw me feed Bravous a can of tuna fish 
and said that animals don't eat before people. I said you want it you take 
it form him. Just then some gun fire went off real close by. It was DARK. 
Didn't know who shot or at what. I tackled the guy and Bravous came in for 
the bite but he was tied up and could reach the guy. One of the Chris one of 
the sheriff officers came and pulled the guy up and separated us. He was 
pissed but I didn't know if he was armed and was acting irrational enough to 
warrant his take down. The sheriff patted him down and sent his on his way 
as Bravous kept drooling for the bite.

Now it is on. About four something AM Bravous lets out a grumble as I lay 
slightly asleep against the van wheel. Several black guys two with shot guns 
the rest had side arms came out of the darkness. The Sheriff gave then some 
water and toilet paper. They asked what food we had and took three jars of 
peanut butter. And walked off in the darkness. The sheriffs later said we 
are not going to get into a fire fight that we could not win. Day light came 
and they decided things are way out of hand and we report back. On the way 
back we meet up with four Nation guards in a six wheeler. They said they are 
going to escort us out. We came across this town that had cars blocking the 
road. I was in the fourth vehicle looking out at why we stopped. Two of the 
Guards men got out to move the unoccupied vehicles. No keys so the six 
wheeler moved them. As we where pulling away shots hit the six wheeler the 
second vehicle and the last vehicle. Two of the guards men returned fire 
shooting high in the air as we floored it out of there.

FUCK THESE PEOPLE. I am sitting here unarmed nothing to do but lay low. We 
are in FEMA marked vehicles and these fucks are shooting at us. I want to 
drive but they won't let me. If I was driving I would run most of the fucks 
in the street down. I am so pissed at the people down there that I hope they 
all fucking die.

One thing about other disasters I have seen is that people cam together and 
helped each other. There where isolated acts of kindness but on the most 
part what I seen was something out of a war scene. Not sure if this si a 
southern Black thing but I will not go back and help them. As far as I am 
concerned let the floating corpse feed these fucks. Let then drink the 
disease stagnate water and die a slow death.

Those where not people those where something subhuman form the bellows of 
the earth. Someone wrote on another thread that these people are Suppressed. 
Yeah I would suppress them with motor fire. I hope our state guys fire on 
these fucks and fuck them into the swamps where the alligators can eat their 

It is going to take me some time to forget what asses those people where. 
They fucked me and I owe them one. [:2guns:]

God bless the militarty boys going in to clean up the rats.

William Charles Tinker

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