[Hpn] Paper Seems To Ignore Homeless Man's Death

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Mon, 5 Sep 2005 07:05:10 -0400


Paper seems to ignore homeless man's death

Monday, September 5, 2005

Recently my brother-in-law, my son and two friends found the badly 
decomposed body of what appeared to be a homeless man. After leading police 
to the body, and filling out the necessary reports, they returned home 
hoping to later find out more about the man.
The Standard-Examiner, in bold headlines, reported the gruesome discovery of 
another body found the same day. Realizing they found the body after the 
press deadline, they assumed the story and more facts would come out the 
following day.
Nothing was in any subsequent papers. Not even a small notice stating a body 
had been found.
So what is the criteria used to determine whether or not the discovery of a 
dead man, a once-living and breathing human being, warrants news coverage? I 
understand notices about local deaths are normally found in the obituaries, 
placed by loving family members.
This man, however, and the details surrounding his death seem to be 
unimportant to anyone.
Regardless of whether he was homeless by choice or circumstance, some kind 
of notification of his death should have been placed in the paper. Not only 
for the reasons that someone may have known him or cared about his well 
being, but also to give closure to those who found him.
This has been a very disturbing event for everyone involved, especially my 
brother in-law.
All of us find the apparent lack of respect and concern regarding this 
homeless man and others like him appalling!
Tammy Hunt
West Haven

William Charles Tinker

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