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Real Relief - Yes! Racism - No!
What is taking place today in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama is a
crisis rarely seen in this country. It has provoked an outpouring of
concern for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Millions of people across
the United States and around the world are watching in horror at both
the scale of suffering and the lack of response by President Bush and
the U.S. government. Thousands are dead or missing; millions have been
displaced or lost their jobs and homes.

The African American community in New Orleans has been especially hard
hit, and on top of massive death and suffering has been the victim of
vicious racist scapegoating at the hands of government officials and the
corporate media. The real "looters" in this crisis are the big oil
companies that are making super-profits by jacking up the price of gas
and oil all over the country.

It is becoming clearer every day that this crisis goes far beyond a
"natural disaster." The massive death and destruction did not have to
happen as a result of the hurricane; rather it is caused by a government
that prioritizes profits, war and conquest over human needs. The danger
that a hurricane posed for New Orleans and the region had been known and
discussed for years--with no significant preparations taken. Funds were
diverted from securing the levees to pay for the war in Iraq and the
protective wetlands were sold off to the developers.

Global warming is a major factor in the big increase in tropical storms,
particularly Hurricane Katrina, which developed from a minimal hurricane
to one of the largest and most powerful ever recorded because of the
extremely high water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico. Still, the Bush
Administration continues to contemptuously turn its back on evidence of
climate change and stands by its position to cancel the Kyoto Accord.

Before the hurricane struck, the government issued a mandatory
evacuation order with a "free-market approach." In other words, people
were ordered to leave, but the means for evacuation were not provided.
It was the poorest sectors of the working class and predominantly the
African American community that did not have the means to leave and
endured the greatest personal suffering. Even days after the hurricane
the U.S. government has refused to commandeer all available buses and
send them to transport people out. With the city awash in a sea of
sewage and chemicals, the contemptible director of FEMA, Michael Brown,
had the gall to then accuse those who have suffered the most: "I think
the death toll may go into the thousands and, unfortunately, that's
going to be attributable a lot to people who did not heed the advance
warnings." (September 1, CNN)

The Bush administration has spared no resource in waging its war against
Iraq, taking more than $200 billion from the people of the United States
to do so. It spared no resource in destroying the entire city of
Fallujah last November. But when it comes to confronting this "natural"
catastrophe, the Bush administration has been criminally derelict.
Bush's relief package of $10.5 billion which equals just 7 weeks of the
cost of the occupation of Iraq is completely inadequate. As people,
including babies and the elderly, go without food and water, and corpses
lie in the street and float in the water, Bush has presented a meager
and dilatory response.

The government is preparing to bail out the oil companies, insurance
companies, other big corporations and casinos. Big Oil is also using
this catastrophe as an opportunity to line their pockets. Working people
in the United States need to stand with the victims of this crisis and
demand that the government provide both short and long-term assistance
to those who have lost everything.


- Washington DC: 5 pm at the White House. Call 202-544-3389 or email
dc@internationalanswer.org for more information.
- San Francisco: 5 pm at Powell & Market Sts. Call 415-821-6545 for
email sf@internationalanswer.org for more information.
- Los Angeles: 6 pm at the Westwood Federal Building (Veterans &
Wilshire). Call 323-464-1636 or email la@internationalanswer.org for
more information.
- Seattle: 5 pm at Westlake (Pine near 4th). Call 206-568-1661 or email
seattle@internationalanswer.org for more information.

Join a protest on September 7 or organize one in your community or on
your campus. Let us know if you are planning a protest in your area.
William Charles Tinker

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