[Hpn] Homeless pedestrian's body through windsheild,but driver keeps on going

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Sat, 22 Oct 2005 11:01:19 -0400

In reading th earticle it seems as if they are saying "Poor Driver and th 
edriver is a victim". What about the homeless guy??

Dave Ward

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>Pedestrian's body through windshield, but driver keeps going
>       Ralph Thomas Parker
>By:Dave Balut
>Pinellas Park, Florida - Former New Hampshire legislator Nancy MacKinnon 
>says her next door neighbor Ralph Parker is friendly, but not mentally 
>Nancy MacKinnon, Parker's Neighbor:
>"Just the way he grins at you, it takes him a second to recognize you, and 
>not that he didn't, because he always did."
>St. Petersburg Police say 93-year-old Ralph Parker did not recognize where 
>he was, or what he had done about 8:30 Wednesday night.
>Investigators say Parker killed a homeless man crossing 34th Street South 
>near 46th Avenue, then kept going about three miles with the man's body 
>stuck through his windshield and on his roof.
>A toll collector stopped Parker's car at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
>Michael Jockers, St. Petersburg Police Officer:
>"He doesn't remember it. Even after I've told him someone died in the 
>crash. Five to 10 minutes later he doesn't recall it, that I told him 
>Officer Jockers say Parker has rapidly escalating dementia and will not 
>face criminal charges, since he didn't know he had been involved in an 
>accident. [Full Story]
>Another neighbor calls Parker a good driver, who seldom ventures out at 
>John Logan, Parker's Neighbor:
>"I can't fathom how something like that could happen and the driver not be 
>aware of it. That's a gruesome thing, isn't it."
>Nancy McKinnon is sorry to hear about what her next door neighbor did last 
>Nancy McKinnon:
>"I'm amazed, because he's really a very caring honest human being, and if 
>he knew he hit somebody, he would have stopped."
>Parker was taken to Bayfront Medical Center to be evaluated. His son from 
>Idaho is trying to find an assisted living facility for him.
>Police still haven't released the homeless man's name, because they haven't 
>been able to contact his family.
>William Charles Tinker
>New Hampshire Homeless  / Founded 11-28-99
>25 Granite Street
>Northfield,N.H. 03276-1640  USA
>Advocates,activists for disabled,displaced human rights.
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