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These police officers,and others like them, need to serve time not be
coddled, and claiming they have a stress disorder,these types of men are
criminals in uniform and deserve appropriate punishment for their hate

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Homeless Man Badly Beaten During Trespassing Arrest

September 30, 2005

Two Orlando police officers were taken off the street after a homeless man
they were trying to arrest was seriously beaten. The homeless man was being
arrested for trespassing at a local church.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating how the homeless
man ended up in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.
Jeffrey Goff, 44, has been at Orlando Regional Medical Center for almost two
weeks after being badly beaten during his arrest. He came into intensive
care, but he's doing better. He was able to talk to FDLE agents who are
investigating whether the Orlando officers committed any crimes.
It all started two weeks ago at the Rosemont Baptist Church in Orange
County. Transient Jeffrey Goff was trespassing. A deputy was called, but
Goff would not let go of the Bible he was holding to surrender a fingerprint
and the deputy could not handcuff him.
"There was some kind of struggle and OPD was called for back-up," said
spokeswoman Sgt. Barbara Jones.
That's when the simple trespassing exploded into something much worse. The
sheriff's report says once OPD officers Ed Michael and Randal Pennington
showed up at the church, one of them, later identified in the report as
Michael, "grabbed a hold of Goff and threw Goff against the ground." The
same officer shot Goff with a taser and then struck him with a baton and
punched him. The report says, "Officer Michael struck the defendant several
times in the facial area with his fist."
Goff was admitted to ORMC in serious condition with facial fractures.
Channel 9 checked the records and found that in the six years Officer
Michael has worked for the Orlando Police Department, he has been the focus
of seven internal affairs investigations.
Earlier this year, security guard David Rodriguez said his injuries were
caused by Officer Michael pulling him out of his car and throwing him to the
ground. He said Michael put a gun to his head and threatened to shoot.
Michael believed Rodriguez had been firing a gun in the area, but it turned
out Rodriguez was the one who called 9-1-1 to report the gunfire.
The internal affairs report shows Officer Michael admitted he might have
said something like, "Don't move or I'll blow your brains out." Michael was
The officers will be off the street indefinitely. When FDLE is done with its
criminal investigation, OPD will start its own internal investigation to
determine whether either officer broke policy.