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News | canada.com networkFloods kill dozens, leave thousands homeless in 
northern Afghanistan


Canadian Press

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Airplanes loaded with food, tents and other emergency supplies rushed to 
northern Afghanistan on Saturday after floods left dozens dead and thousands 
homeless, officials said.

About 700 homes and several roads were washed away in floods over the 
previous four days, said Abdul Majid, the governor of Badakhshan province, 
which was the worst hit.

No overall death toll was available. Majid said at least 25 people were 
believed killed in Badakhshan. An official with a government disaster 
management team in Kabul, Abdul Hamid, said the province's toll was thought 
to be 36, while more than 50 were estimated to have died across all of 
northern Afghanistan.

Martin Battersby, a UN spokesman in Kabul, said three teams of UN and 
government officials were surveying the area by helicopter and road. 
"Initial assessments suggest this has been a serious flood," he said.

Two planes loaded with relief aid flew to the region Saturday and additional 
aircraft were to join the airlift in the next few days.
"We are in need of emergency help. We need 4,000 blankets, 1,000 tents and 
lots of food," Majid told The Associated Press.

He said heavy rains had pounded the region over the previous four days and 
low-lying areas also were flooded by water running off mountains. The UN 
World Food Program said in a statement that much of the damage was done by a 
hail storm that swept through the province Thursday.

It said the agency was working closely with the government to assist with 
emergency relief.

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