[Hpn] Extreme Heat Is Hard On Persons Homeless

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Thu, 16 Jun 2005 20:13:05 -0400 (EDT)

and in the name of the lord george bush amen
and in the name of warprofit and depletion of resources around the globe,
by a capitalist greed machine  amen
and if that's the only way to eat, well brother go see bill. he's got
housing and food and is on a mission. amen
this message by a.r.t.o. (the american retard terrorist organization.
we hire you to scare the bejeeesus out of your fellow citizens. join
11 bucks an hour, we pay in a lump sum in decamber, so you cAN buy xmass
presents for your abortions.er kids.
On 6/16/2005, "shawn ray" <nativeamerican72001@yahoo.com> wrote:

>Pray with me:
>Our Father, the American Taxpayer, give me a handout today. I don't want a real job, drug treatment or a doctor to chase my delusions away.
>I like being the way I am cause if I bug them enough, I will get some change.
>If I don't get change, I can pick their pockets, dig through their trash or steal their belongings out of their yard.
>All of this is not to spend for my better good, only for a beer, joint or a crack rock.
>unclescam <unclescam@buskers.org> wrote:
>amen brother,
>i happen to be a practicing budhist/christian/maoist and find that the
>exclusionary prayer to only one god is ok if futility is the watch tower.
>try wondering why the lord jesus is in cahoots with the republican
>leadership that cuts the money to homeless folk who follow the same cat,
>and call it compassionate conservatism.i can't say, evil "one",
>though. i count 5 million more "evil" voters in this last election.
>most professing to this same "father" thier compassion for the less
>well off than they. praying and professing thier good intentions fall
>short of the glory of god. faith without works is negligence of
>On 6/15/2005, "Roussan Joshua Collins"
>>Please pray this with me daily-
>>Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name,
>>thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is
>>in heaven, give us this day our daily bread, and
>>forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who
>>trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation,
>>but deliver us from the evil one, for thine is the
>>kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever.
>>with JESUS, all things are possible!Great is HIS mercy
>>and love to sinners and all mankind!
>>--- unclescam wrote:
>>> bill,
>>> i gotta ask, how many times has this fella posted
>>> to hpn. the first time
>>> i saw ray's quote was in a forward from you. are you
>>> runnin a bush on
>>> us, manufacturing enemies? seems he only writes to
>>> you.
>>> On 6/14/2005, "William Charles Tinker"
>>> wrote:
>>> >Sandy Andrews and Tom Boland,
>>> >
>>> >How do persons like Shawn Ray or
>>> nativeamerican72001@yahoo.com get onto
>>> >the Homeless Peoples Network? I believe this list
>>> was supposed to
>>> >restricted to formerly homeless and currently
>>> homeless folks?
>>> >
>>> >This same person named above stated less than 10
>>> days ago that he helps,
>>> >"homeless people by mowing them down with a machine
>>> gun".
>>> >
>>> >Now whether he said that in jest or not, the
>>> abrasive nature of his posts
>>> >declare him/her to be hostile towards homeless and
>>> poverty issues, he needs
>>> >to go do a month long "urban plunge" or walk in the
>>> moccasins of homeless
>>> >for 30 days and learn some true humanity and
>>> humility.
>>> >
>>> >A Brother In The Homeless Struggle
>>> >Bill
>>> >
>>> >----- Original Message -----
>>> >From: shawn ray
>>> >To: William Charles Tinker
>>> >Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 5:41 PM
>>> >Subject: Re: [Hpn] Extreme Heat Is Hard On Persons
>>> Homeless
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >GOOD! Maybe it will be too hot to stand on the
>>> corner with a sign!@
>>> >
>>> >William Charles Tinker
>>> wrote:
>>> > June 13, 2005
>>> >
>>> > Heat wave hard on homeless
>>> >
>>> > Sun packs its own misery for those on street.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > WSBT Reporter
>>> >
>>> > "In the summertime, you roast, you gotta find a
>>> cool place," said Larry,
>>> > who is homeless. Health experts say people should
>>> limit their exposure to
>>> > the heat.
>>> >
>>> > Tribune Photo/MAY LEE JOHNSON
>>> >
>>> > SOUTH BEND -- While most people are looking
>>> forward to the sunny days of
>>> > summer, those living on the streets are just
>>> waiting on the sunset.
>>> > Whether you are looking forward to the summer or
>>> dreading it, one local
>>> > doctor said that everyone under the sun is in
>>> danger.
>>> > Dr. Tom Sweeny, who works in the emergency room
>>> at St. Joseph Regional
>>> > Medical Center, says the elderly risk a dangerous
>>> mix of sun and medicine,
>>> > athletes risk over-heating and children have
>>> risks, too.
>>> > "We had a kid two days ago who had second-degree
>>> burns from sunburn and
>>> > blisters all over him," he said. "You have to be
>>> careful with your kids."
>>> > He said not to get so caught up in the swimming,
>>> surfing and sunning of
>>> > summer that you forget the safety. "Between 10
>>> and 2 are the hottest
>>> >area,"
>>> > he said. "You have to make sure you cool off
>>> afterward and drink plenty of
>>> > fluids. You have to limit your exposure to the
>>> heat."
>>> > For the those living on the streets, often
>>> dragging everything they own
>>> >with
>>> > them, there is no escape from the sunshine.
>>> > "In the summertime, you roast, you gotta find a
>>> cool place," Larry said.
>>> > Larry lives in a dusty alley where a bicycle cart
>>> is tumbling over with
>>> >the
>>> > supplies of his life: a rusty Thermos, empty
>>> water bottles and a tattered
>>> > blanket. Larry says about 20 other people also
>>> live in the alley. He says
>>> > they come home when it's dark.
>>> > Tammy Oehm, senior director for the Center for
>>> the Homeless, said they are
>>> > helping as many as they can, but she says the
>>> homeless and people who live
>>> > in other poor conditions are suffering.
>>> > "They are often met with difficulty trying to get
>>> in some place out of the
>>> > heat, so you hear about a lot of heat-related
>>> deaths." The Center for the
>>> > Homeless is air-conditioned, but many don't stay
>>> there because the rules
>>> > require tenants to be drug- and alcohol-free.
>>> > "Nope," Larry said. "Don't wanna stay there."
>>> > Oehm said people donate more money and seem to
>>> worry more about the
>>> >homeless
>>> > when the snow begins to fall, but don't seem to
>>> understand that the heat
>>> >is
>>> > as big an issue.
>>> > "The homeless are as prevalent in the summer as
>>> they are in they are in
>>> >the
>>> > winter," she said. "The community needs to
>>> realize we need help all year
>>> > around."
>>> > The center has space for about 200 and is usually
>>> only open to those who
>>> > live there, but when the heat index hits 96
>>> degrees they open their doors
>>> >to
>>> > everyone. "When it's a beautiful sunny day out
>>> .... just think there are
>>> > still people living on the streets," Oehm said.
>>> > Larry said it's tough to come up with the gear
>>> needed to survive the
>>> >seasons
>>> > on the streets.
>>> > "In the wintertime before it starts getting
>>> winter, you got to get clothes
>>> > ready for winter. You gotta get decent winter
>>> shoes, some coats, the best
>>> > you can, and clothes the best you can. It's not
>>> easy, but you gotta do
>>> >it."
>>> >
>>> > .
>>> > Copyright  1994-2005 South Bend Tribune
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
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